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  1. I was thinking about how these two are so similar and I am trying to find more of a distinction. In Aysle people are seduced into lying, cheating, stealing; and then worse. They are then rewarded slowly and systematically and if they are committed they can hit 15 adds and become powerful enough to slay a person by touch. In Orrosh people are seduced into torturing their bosses and murdering little childeren. They then get a single bonus to one roll in a 24 hour period. But if they kill enough children then they get to be a Denizen of the night. In story terms, in Aysle you have to look out for people who might betray you and in Orrosh you have to look out for people who might betray you. I guess I just don't see a lot of differences.
  2. Jasyn, do you have Axioms and World Laws written up for this reality?
  3. Was there a Template for a Pop Star/ Singer anywhere? The closest thing I have found is the Decker Musician in the L.A. Citybook. I want a female Pop Star with no combat abilities who gets molded into a hero due to the Wars. Kind like a female Flash Gordon.
  4. I have seen through the years a few GM's say they are running a Post War Campaign. I think this could be very interesting. But before you do that, you have to end the war. My problem with war's End was that it was a little too " deus ex machina" for me. It seemed like there could be a better way to do it where the characters are not just along for the ride. Personally I love Omni Games Products theory of "Burned-out Stelae Zones". To recap, the idea was that after 5 years a Stelae zone could no longer provide possibility energy for the Darkness Device but at the same time the invading reality would now be "Burned into " the ground. You can rip up the stelae without fear of killing anyone, but the reality of the Nile Empire would still be alive and well in Cairo. I think this makes for an excellent Post War Scenario. The Darkness Devices have all been vanquished and so there are no more invading realities attemping to expend. But like any other major war in Earth's history, there are lasting ramifications; now the areas that were initially invaded and held for 5 years, are Pure Zones of that invading reality. There is plenty of adventure to be had. The agents of Corruption are always plotting in the Realm of Aysle, the forces of Evil are cackling in Cairo, there are still heretics to be rescued from the Cybernetic Inquisition, people still guides who are willing to brave the deep mist, the Rauru Block still needs people it can trust to provide run ops for them, and people all over the world need brave souls to defend them from that which goes bump in the night. The big question here is, what are some ways to get rid of Darkness Devices? Because if you just rip up the stelae and send it back home, it is still a threat to its home Cosm inhabitants. The first thing that comes to mind is Gating it into the Sun. Any other ideas?
  5. I was thinking of the second. Aragorn and Legolas are what I think of when I think Ranger. Part of my problem with the D&D version was the Rangers became Nature Mages after a few levels and lost the appeal of being a "ninja-esque" woodsy nature bowmen appeal for me. But an Aylish version of Aragorn or Legolas would naturally be a magic user and might end up being a cross between the two. Thx, I missed that. So which of the spells might be most helpful for a Ranger to learn first? I love all the comments!
  6. Aylish people are born knowing magic. Everybody gets one Skill and one Knowledge from birth. Often, but not always, the magic a person is born with will help them determine what profession to take in life. I was wondering what kind of birth magic might lend someone to decide to be a Ranger? Feel free to be creative.
  7. According to the Infiniverse issue #33, the Gamemasters are encouraged to come up with alternative forms of Ninjitsu. It says that the Marketplace has 3 dominant forms, one tied to each of the Mega-Corps of teh Triad. If you don't have your copy handy the issue outlines the ninjitsu style as all looking like this: Training Sequence: 1. Defensive Maneuver 2. Special Attack 3. Special Attack 4. Defensive Maneuver 5. Attack (General) 6. Invisibility 7. Weapon or Movement Technique 8. True Invisibility It then shows which manuvers belong to which categories. I was wondering if anyone had ever done this. I know that Kansas Jim did an alternative, but growing up reading G.I. Joe comics about Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, I always wanted to see different Ninja Clans throw down. I have been working on 2 alternative forms of Ninjitsu and unless there is anything else already in existence would like to post them shortly for feedback. I wouldn't want to embarass myself if there is already something else out there.
  8. GreenDragon, Forgive I am not sure I understand you. I understand that Invisibility gets -2 to Per and Min skills, while True Invisibility does not. Then you mention a bonus of +10 Defense Modifier which is the same number as 'Complete plus' in the R&E Rulebook (pg. 102). Do you mean to say that the Ninja recieves a +5 to stealthy movement, but gains a +10 DM while moving? Or would he have to be stationaryto get the +10DM? Although the bonus to DM almost seems unnecessary. You state that he only has the DM as long as they don't know he is there. Well why would anyone be trying to shoot at someone that they did not think was there? This reminds me of the movie "Mystery Men" with Ben Stiller and William H. Macy. There was the character called the Invisible Kid. His superpower was that he was invisible as long as no one was looking at him. If he is using "True" Invisibility, shouldn't he ridiculously hard to hit even if you know he is in the room? I am thinking of the movie "The Invisible Man" with Kevin Bacon. In it they knew he was in the room but still found it impossible to shoot him as they were not sure exactly where he was. Thoughts?
  9. I understand that Master Disciplines are suppossed to be greater than the Minor and Major ones and that is why teh characters have to pay P-energy to use them. But it seems to me that True Invisibility is a little expensive for what you get. Look, Ninjas already take regular Invisibility as a Major Discipline. It gives them a +4 to stealth. Then they have to take True Invisibility as their Master and it only gives them a +5 to stealth. That is a mere +1 that they have to pay P-energy for? I mean if they have to pay for it, they should be getting a better product. It seems to me that a minimum of a +6 or possibly a +8 is in order. I mean it is called "True" Invisibility! Thoughts?
  10. So for constructive criticism on a new martial arts style I would post it here and then after it has been forged in the fire of the message boards I could post it to the Wiki?
  11. So what do I post in a Wiki? I mean is it just for repeating what is already in the Sourcebooks or is it a place to add new stuff that should have been in the Sourcebooks? I have some stats for new Nile Empire Walking Gods. What about write-ups for locations that never got love in the Sourcebooks? New Martial Arts styles? Is this the place to share stuff like that? I am new to the whole Wiki thing.
  12. I added a Reality Storm pic! :cool:
  13. I think the first thing you have to ask is WWHLD? What Would High Lord Do? The determining factor is not whether or not a Reality belongs in a certain area of Earth, it's what is important to the HIgh Lord? I would agree that The Nile Empire would end up in Egypt, but I think it is because Pharoah Mobius has an affinity for the area and his slogan is that he is "Restoring the Glory of Ancient Egypt". With this in mind, what is it that is important to the High Lord in question. For Malreaux it is spreading the faith of teh Church of Redemption. With this in mind there has some debate on the boards of whether it makes more sense for The Cyberpapacy to invade a Catholic rich area or an Atheist rich area. Brazil or France is what it comes down to. Some people feel that it is easier to convince a religious person to switch to religion that is very similar to theirs and others feel it is easier to convert someone who is already adamantly oppossed to any and all religions. (I am in the Brazil camp myself). If you are playing with either the low tech version of Magna Verita or the Cyberpapacy, I think you have to carefully consider this debate and decide which works best for you. For 3327 the thing he cares most about is Profit$$$. With this in mind, and the Marketplace tech axiom allowing for easy plastic surgery, I think you can make an easy arguement for the most economically viable area of the world or at least an area that 3327 feels he can turn around with his enhanced tech, to be the area that 3327 invades. I have seen some people suggest China instead of Japan, due to our current economy. One could also make a good arguement for India, or even southern Europe if the Cyberpapacy ends up in Brazil. Jezreal or Kranod (depending on whether you want to have Tharkold fail its invasion of Kadandra or even invade at all) is most interested in gaining natural resources, as the world is low due to 3000 yrs of war. There is also the revenge on 3327 angle to play. Beijing or Hong Kong make better choices than Los Angeles, IMHO. There is a greater oppurtunity to expand into a high population area, greater natural resouces, and checking 3327 in China is a greater threat than checking him in California, IMHO. But if you were going to go a different route and give Tharkold a full invasion zone, with no backlash setback, you have to ask yourself would Kranod and The Gaunt Man still want Tharkold to invade Russia in 2011 or would another area be destabilizer of Earth's forces? Originally the Gaunt Man had Kaah invade the U.S. as his low tech and social woudl nerf the most formidable military force Earth had to offer. Originally Uthorion and Malreaux gave Kaah intentional bad advice and had him split his forces into 3 zones. This made Kaah's forces weaker and presented him as a fool for taking bad advice from, when he himself has been invading Cosms for centuries. Remember the for formidable the villian the greater the victory when the hero defeats him. It seems to me that another way to imagine this, is to have Kaah start out with only one invaded area focused on the Eastern Land. This would make Kaah more difficult and leave the Western U.S. open if you want to have another High Lord invade the West Coast of North America. (Just spitballin here) Uthorion does not seem to have any major concerns beyond those of the average HIgh Lord. He is a faithful lieutenant of The Gaunt Man. He wants to avoid the Phophecy of Towlyn Neverdeath, but other than that he wants to make The Gaunt Man and his Darkness Device happy. Destruction, high population for possibility energy, and am I missing a motivation here? The Gaunt Man wants to spread Fear. He wants to be Torg. He knows that the taking of Earth's possibility energy is the quickest way to make that happen. He wants a high population dense area that will be easy to spread fear through. The jungles of Indonesia, with their high population are just the thing for that. I have also heard a suggestion for Translyvania, but never heard any rational for it, it might work for me too I just have yet to why it is a good idea. Does anyone else have any other takes?
  14. Ok this seems interesting. But it does not seem to negate the need for a Courier to run data, and sometimes other stuff across the badlands between Nation-States? Am I wrong? What did you think of the Courier idea?
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