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  1. Hello! I've just finished a spreadsheet with all of the monsters in the D6 Fantasy Creatures manual and wanted to share here for anyone to use it. The spreadsheet is protected to avoid deleting the formulas inadvertently, but if you need to modify anything, it has no password. You should only need to input in the colored cells. In the Data sheet you can define your own monsters to add to the other ones. Sorry that the page got all cluttered, but I needed to get all the information in one page. In the wounds/wound level I just got creative, not following any rule from the books, sorry fo
  2. Thank you! I'm happy it is useful for you. I have read only the fantasy rulebook, so I'm not familiarized in the spaceship design to help you. I'm working in a spreadsheet to create characters, but I'm still away from one fully functioning. If you need technical help with the formulas maybe I could help you. :-)
  3. Hello! Well yes, after reading the OGL I think I got it right and have no problems publishing my spreadsheet here, just as Grimace said. Some explanations about the spreadsheets: I made 2 files, one for Magic and the other for Miracles. They aren´t very different between them, but each file contains the spells described in the D6 Fantasy rulebook. I made my best to make the calculations work OK, but I think there must be some bugs. Also I couldn't figure how was the wards formula, so I didn't include it in the spreadsheets, sorry. Also, I had some differences in the difficulties of some
  4. Hello Everybody! I've been working in an electronic spreadsheet to calculate magic spell difficulties. I think it's working fine. Is anyone interested in giving a look at it? Can I publish the spreadsheet here? (regarding IP and OGL matters). recrispi.
  5. Hello, I wanted to comment on this thread. As the original idea of Thorvald was that of an alternate History-Earth with fantasy elements, with a sense of historical fantasy (not high fantasy) I feel the idea of airships is a little over the board. I like the idea of the merfolk, but I think in the core rules, there should be only a hint of them, something in the vein of the Innsmouth hybrids from Lovecraft, so when the players are comfortable that the merfolk are only an exageration, a supplement book can prove them wrong. I think merfolk wouldn't like to be seen by the surface dweller
  6. I agree with all your comments. Also I would like to add something else. I understand the plan is to base the game in the Caribbean/Americas. Why are the players trapped there? Why can't they simply sail back to Europe? My response to that would be something like this: European ruling families cast a curse on all ships leaving Europe. The curse prevented those ships to return to Europe. They simply got lost in the ocean o returned to the Caribbean/Americas to another coast. Of course, these same families wanted to get the precious resources of the new world, so they created a way to "break"
  7. Hello again: Magic I was thinking in the magic rule and I think I should rewrite it to make it clearer, from: to Funds I decided to use the funds mechanic for the game, but if the players need money sometime they'll be able to convert 1D from funds to 60 silver pieces. If they want to do the other way, they would need to spend 60 silver pieces to get +1D in funds after a successful trade roll (or 20 silver pieces to get just +1). Miracles I was thinking in a way to the players to show their devotion to their god. And I got this system to begin with. Deities will have about
  8. Thank you for your comments. I'll try to explain some things that may have been unclear. Sorry, but english is not my mother language. The benefit of "holding" some of your dices comes from reducing the chance to get 1's. That's all. You won't have additional dices for the next spell. The idea behind this rule came from the following situation: If you're a powerful mage, say 5D in magic, maybe you'll need all of your power to cast a Storm of Avalon spell and risk to get weak after it, but if you want to just lit a torch with magic, you won't use all your power to do it, just a small
  9. Here continues the long post. Magic Each magic user will start with a number of spells as per the D6 Fantasy rulebook. Now, I want to create a somewhat flexible magic casting system. Let's see if you think the following modifications would help or hinder that. When a magic user wants to cast a spell, he can use all of his dices in the magic skill or less than his total. For example, if George has 4D in magic skill he can use 4D to cast his spell or he may choose to use only 2D to cast the same spell. Why would he like to use less dices to cast his spell? Keep reading. When a magic u
  10. I am planning a D6 based fantasy game and I am using concepts mainly from D6 Fantasy and some others from my own adaptation. I've shamelessly copied AslanC's format (and some sentences) to represent what I want for my campaign, I hope that is no problem. Sorry, this is a long post, so long I'll have to split it in two. This is the first part. Here's what I have planned so far. D6 Fantasy Campaign Character Creation Remember 1D can be broken into 3 +1s, any +2, if you add another +1 goes to next full die. Select a race and then distribute 4D to divide among these stats, never
  11. Hello! Thanks for your welcome words. Now I understand a little better the way to choose non human races. I'll give it a new and in depth look to get it completely right. Thank you! As I'm still starting with the system and world I think it'll be some time before I can post something about the game over here. Also I'm trying to "created" a flexible magic system for the game, but it's still in progress. I'll post it here when it's more complete to get some feedback on it. Thanks again!
  12. Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I wanted to say hello and ask a question. I've read the D6 Fantasy rulebook and I don't understand the way to choose a non-human character. I understand there are 3 ways to create a (human) character: - Template: choose a template from the book - Defined limits: create your own template - Point pool: Lots of points and transform them into dices and advantages, disadvantages and special abilities Using the non-human races from the book as example, how can I create a dwarven or elven character using those character crea
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