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  1. I have been running an on again off again game using D6 Powers. the game takes place in fictionalized greater Cincinnati called queen city. Here is a little back story for the game that the heroes dont know yet. In 1965 brilliant geneticist Franklin Fenix (pronounced Phoenix) was diagnosed with a previously unknow genetic defect. The defect was slowly erasing his dna, so Dr. Fenix began frantically searching for a way to rewrite his dna. in 1969 Dr Fenix discovers a new type of radiation that would affect the dna in the manner he was looking for however was too far gone for it work for him. so he decided to inject the radioactive material into several labratory assitants to see the effects on normal dna. What happened was nothing until on lab tech accidentally gave another a second dose, which cause the man to become super strong before dying. Realizing what he discovered Dr. Fenix, not wanting the fromula to fall into the wrong hands killed everyone involved in the project, except his most talented researcher Aaron Alcore. Fenix and alcore continued their research into the radiation, dubbing it Altera Radiation. Fenix hoped the Altera could be used to cure countless genetic diseases but Alcore saw the radiation as a way to make millions of dollars. So Fenix and Alcore created device to seed the earth's atmosphere with Altera. Alcore decided that afterward he would threaten the world by telling the governments that he had a second device that would be detonated and would kill those affected by the radiation. Dr. Fenix and Alcore were able to launch their first Altera bomb into the atmossphere with little problem. Afterward Dr. Fenix having discovered his friends plot, blew up the facility killing himself and causing Alcore to slip into a coma, which his still is in today... In March of 2010 Altera Bombs were set off in several major airports throuout the united states, including Queen City International. In the months that followed individuals with extraordinary powers have begun to emerge in the world. These individuals are as varied as there powers, some using those powers for ill gotten gains, some to help fight those who abuse them and some who fall in between. Queen City was terrorized by villain going by the name Acetylene until three of the local heroes joined forces to defeat him. After the three's success the may of Queen City asked them to be the cities defenders and the Justice Initiative was born... Later today (hopefully some character write ups to come.
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