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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome Grimace. I was wondering is there an area on the forum for posting characters. I have loads of character backgrounds and a few Godsend Agenda / D6 power statted characters I'd love for people, who don't visit the godsend agenda forum, to have a read of and comment on. Jamat
  2. HI there everyone I'm new to the forum but definitely not new to D6 Powers or Godsend agenda. I've played in an online game with Jerry a while ago( can be found on the godsend agenda forum for any who want to have a read) for godsend agenda using the character Blue Bottle, yes the one in the back of the original D6 Powers supplement and which is now being used as an example for creating power armour in the new edition. My name is even in both editions for creating both Blue Bottle and Mirror (both featured in the 1st Edition) Once I got hold of Godsend Agenda when it first came out I gave up on all other super games, and now with D6 Powers I've got all I need to create my own settings for years to come.