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  1. Oh yes ! Without giving you any spoilers, let's just say that the (very beautiful and sexy) Sarah and Chuck are still ... unsure about their mutual feelings toward each other. And when you think he or she is going to make the final move, something happens. Like the last two weeks, with this british secret agent ... I won't say more !
  2. I think I'm the only human on this planet who watch The Unit and Chuck.
  3. Whill, you beat me to it ! I was going to ask the exact same thing. I don't like this new version of d20 (called Saga), but they did produce some great looking sourcebooks, as I have seen at my FLGS. I haven't bought it though. Anyone care to comment ?
  4. Easy. The Postman, with Kevin Costner. The only movie that, while it played on TV, I stood up, walked to the kitchen and actually cleaned the dishes.
  5. Subject says it all : Do you play during this era, which is more or less 4000 years before the destruction of the first Death Star (battle of Yavin) ? And if so, is it just for a one-shot deal, or do you have a full campaign set during that time ? Thanks
  6. As for me ... Remember the computer game Archimedean Dynasty ? I once created a D6 game set in a similar setting. For those who have little clue about what it is all about, it’s a mission-based submarine-driving deep sea sci-fi setting. Mankind lives in gigantic cities underwater divided into many political power blocs. The game itself was a pure shooter, but I decided to inspire myself to create a world very much identical. Players were either normal humans, genetically enhanced humans or mutants with strange abilities (mostly water-based). Their goal was to survive in this harsh world in whatever ways they thought possible, as mercenaries, free traders, spies, prostitutes, a lab experiment that went wrong, etc. They could buy a freighter sub and run around the planet, looking for a job or for trouble. My game (not the computer game) was a mix between Blue Planet and the French rpg Polaris. It was fun, for a time. I was thinking of putting my setting ideas and rules online, if anyone is interested. I also considered using D6 to run a somewhat “diesel-punk” pulp game, a cross between Shadowrun and DangerQuest, set in the late thirties. At the brink of WWII, players may come from many races (mostly fantasy ones, like elves and orks), in a neo-gothic world of magic and mystery. The Shadow and Doc Savage meet Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. This idea never went very far, as we decided to continue our Star Wars game instead.
  7. Isn't that a GX1 Short Hauler from Lantillian ? Can someone tell me what a 'short hauler' really is ? Is it used to haul for short distance, or it is related to the size of the cargo it hauls ? Or is it just 'another' generic name for a freighter ?
  8. LOL At least he didn't ask to be a red dragon or something ...
  9. I came with the name the Laboring Camel when my team and I decided to buy a SoroSuub Nella 684xt ?Stretch? freighter (take a normal Neela 342, stretch it a few meters and put a second arm on the other side of the saucer module). It was painfully slow, but could take a beating and we used it to ferry almost everything in the Outer Rim, including a family of Bantha. I was also very proud of my heavily modified Kazellis Light Freighter, the Scarlet Vixen. It was armed with twin ion-cannons, the sub-light speed was superb, but we pay through the nose for it (and lost one of ours in the process).
  10. What is / are your best space transport(s) to ever appear in a D6 Star Wars game ? Could be something very canon (Millenium Falcon) to a homebrew design you once made on a napkin (the Laboring Camel). Please explain your choice in some details. Why ? Is it the look ? The stats ? The emotional attachment you had 'cause you spent most of your campaign in it ?
  11. Am I the only one on this planet that has ever played DC Universe in D6 Legend ?
  12. Wow ! All these posts are fabulous and very interesting ! Please more.
  13. Stupid question here but ... What are the big differences between the two games ? In Space D6, have they correct the 'funky' brawling skill defaulting to Strength ?
  14. And have you ever considered that nothing is forcing the players to bring the Deathstar plans to the Rebellion, thus changing the timeline radically ? (that what happened in our game, btw)
  15. While waiting for some answers, I did some research on my own. I found this site : http://gameworld.thesnakefarm.com/gamma/ But I have no clue if he's the same guy who did the conversion, as I said in my earlier post. So far I like what he's doing. Also, I remember having both the Deadlands : Hell on Earth corebooks (rules + setting info). For me, Deadlands : HOE has a magnificent setting, but a real crappy game system, and the game simply screams for a full conversion / reboot. And I think using D6 would be great.
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