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  1. The Possibility Wars have seen a lot of weird things in their wake. Cybernetic Ninja Werewolves. Elven Movie Producers. Even the adorable horror that was Skippy. As part of a seemingly endless permutation of genre-blending strangeness, there are the Storm-crossed. The SCs are beings who have somehow transformed to a mixed reality. As such they gain the highest Axioms of each realitz. Some transformed into an SC in the Berlin Storm Zone (Nile/Tharkold) would have the following axioms: Magic 12; Social 20; Spirit 17 and Tech 26. All applicable World Laws would also apply to SCs. This flexibility does not come without costs. Should an SC need to make a reconnection check, they use the highest difficulty of their two realities on the chart. A Nile/Tharkold SC who tries to reconnect in the Cyberpapacy would face a diffculty of 8 (as per the Nile Empire) instead of a 6 (as per Tharkold). Aside from their "home" or other matching mixed zones, this situation applies everywhere, included the cosms and realms of the realities that are mixed within the SC. So, if our Nile/Tharkold SC traveled to Tharkold, he'd have a reconnection number of 3 despite being a "native" there. If he traveled to the Nile Empire his reconnection difficulty would be 8. He suffers other problems, too. In an invoked reality storm the SC only gets the +3 for "home turf" if he is in an appropriate mixed zone and not facing a person from either of the zone's realities (neither party gains the advantage in that case). If he is facing an opponent from one of his two realities, he can only drain them of Possibilities (or add to his own store). He cannot transform them to either his mixed reality or to a differing reality. So, if a Nile/Tharkold SC was in a storm with a Nile villain, he could not transform the villain to the Tharkold reality. Instead the storm conflict would end once the SC was transformed or his opponenet's Possibilities were reduced to 0. In the previous example though, the villain, could transform the SC to the Nile reality and would have an easier time doing so. An SC suffers a penalty of +2 difficulty when making Reality rolls in a situation involving one of their mixed realities, especially reality storms (The Everlaw of One really "hates" SCs). The upshot of this is that if the above reality storm conflict were occurring in the Nile, the villain would be getting an effect +5 bonus in the conflict. As if that weren't enough Storm Knight SCs using the Group Powers, Create Hardpoint and Create Talisman to make hardpoints or talismans of his mixed reality suffer a +5 to the base difficulty and the use cost is doubled. So how does one "make" a Stormcrossed. First, consider that they are very rare. A natural SC has to be transformed while in a natural (not invoked) storm in a mixed zone. Following from that, the would be SC cannot be a native to either of the realities in the zone. If a Nile Fast Hero, a Tharkold Race Warrior and a Living Land Human Optant go through a storm in the Berlin Zone, the Hero and Warrior will escape relative unscathed. The Optant, however, may have a completely different outlook on the when he emerges.
  2. One thing to consider is that "possible" is just that, possible. It doesn't mean it's been done or that it will be done. The Cyberpapacy is a high technology area, but it's also a brutal medieval theocracy. If you're walking around talking to the air on your Bluetooth, you're likely to get burned as a witch. Consider as well that the Cyberpapacy is partially based on Catholic Christian doctrine. That which is done in Heaven is reflected on Earth. So, when you go to church in the Cyberpapacy, you don't simply "jack-in" from home. You physically go to a church and "ascend" in a virtual sense to Heaven/Cyberspace to worship and receive Communion. Also, having to physically link to devices makes the user more vulnerable since his body is helpless and immobile while he's logged in. I would suspect that mobile/wireless devices are more common and advanced in Nippon Tech than in either Tharkold or the Cyberpapacy.
  3. Bumping this up for October. I just love this thing.
  4. You may have read that wrong. The first five Wounds from a normal weapon are turned to shock. So, whatever took 3 W in your first example would take 10 Shock. Each Wound would turn into 1 Shock each for 3 Shock and 7 more for 10 Shock. That said, the thing would still be KOed unless it was immune to K or O conditions.
  5. If the AY Ord disconnects in Core Earth, he will not gain PE, but he won't lose it, either. If said AY Ord transforms to CE reality and stays there, he will probably regain the PE he lost in the transformation over time. If he returns to AY without regaining his energy (and I have no idea how long that might take but would bet on it being weeks if not months) he risks a second transformation and poof into blue-red fire.
  6. This sounds like a great horror scenario for "Tales from the Crypt" but not really for TORG. It was supposed to be a fun little trip from Australia to Indonesia But then the Storms came and the ship wrecked Now we're trying to escape the island - the Island of the Living Dead! Storm Warnings: Tales from the War's Beginning: "Ghoul's Paradise"
  7. I apply margin of success if that produces the lower damage. Otherwise I apply the die bonus.
  8. I'd say TORG with tweaks. The basic rules have quite a few holes in them that the TORG community has spent 20+ years patching up. For my part I go with 8 Attributes ala Masterbook but allow 75 Attribute points for people to build characters. I also allow defenders to apply the lowest of either avoidance (the score to avoid being hit) or natural RPs to deal with the Glass-jawed ninja effect. Example: Harry the Race-Warrior lashes out at Steve the Ninja with his Plasma-sword (Str+8). Steve has a Martial Arts active defense of 19. Harry, with a Str of 10 and a Melee Weapons of 14 rolls a 19 to generate a +6 for a MW total of 20. Instead of applying +6 to the damage, Harry applies +2 because that's how many result points he got. So, Steve applies a damage of 19 against his Tou of 9 instead of 24. It hurts but doesn't instantly mortally wound. Example: After eventually chopping Steve into sushi, Harry runs into George the troll. George has a MW total of 10, but a TOU+armor of 19. Harry pulls his P-sword and rolls a 13 for a +1 bonus. In this case, that's all he applies to the roll, which means Harry does a damage of 19 and George takes only 1 Shock point from the "bright hurty thing." Harry hopes he can avoid the return blow and considers trying for a Vital Blow next round.
  9. Not to defend Tharkold, but let's think about the situation. A whip is a piece of leather that hurts like hell when it hits exposed flesh - but by itself it won't kill you except through repeated strikes. A sword can pretty easily kill you with one hit. A Plasma sword is only slightly worse because it works against a sword's method of damage - slashing you open so you bleed out - by cauterizing as it cuts. One other point about a whip is that the reason you get that cool CRACKing noise is that when you snap a whip, the tip moves so fast that it breaks the sound barrier. That CRACK is a small sonic boom. Now, consider a whip that's probably multi-tipped unlike a bullwhip, where each of several tips is a line of fire hotter than the surface of the sun slashing through something at a supersonic rate of speed. I can easily see this thing dropping most normal people into multiple charred chunks on the floor. As for your friend if he's disrespecting you, your other friends and your game, he's not really being your friend, is he?
  10. @ Green Dragon Screw that guy. Everyone's entitled to their opinions but there's no excuse for disrupting other people's fun. Tell him to shut up or get out. @ D6steve The thing is, in most of the realms you describe, the basic fallback for a player will be "I pull out my BFG-9000 and blast'em." You can't do that in Marketplaceland, wherever it invaded. A bunch of thugs jump the PCs and get wasted by them. Who hired them? Was it Company A, who the players are supposed to check out on behalf of Company B? Was it Company B, who's trying to to set up Company A? Was it Company C, who's trying to start a war between Companies A and B to take them both over? Or was it Company K, who secretly owns all three companies and is going after the PCs for other reasons? Each of the other realms weakens some aspect of Core Earth or raises something beyond its ability to match, usually both at the same time. Social organization, technology, magic, miracles. Marketplace doesn't really do that. Instead it says "Trust no one, because everyone is for sale." Which means the guy you trust to watch your back might be planning to stick a knife in it.
  11. Just click and go through it and you'll see what I mean. http://dionaea-house.com/
  12. Orrorsh under Jasyn's "Storm Knights" metaphysics seems rather bizarre. The Gaunt Man is supposedly a High Lord who needs no stelae to spread his reality, instead using Horrors much like Askashan reality trees to infect more than invade existing realities and subsume them into the reality of Fear. The problem for me is that this approach seems to "creative" for a servant of the Nameless One. It does, however, work if we change a few assumptions. What if the Gaunt Man isn't serving the Nameless One? What if he is, instead, a servant of Aperios? But isn't Aperios the good guy in this? Why would he have a servant like the Gaunt Man? The answer to the first question is "no." Aperios is the impetus of creation, not "good" just as the Nameless One is the impetus of destruction and not evil. Aperios is just as happy to create the Tharkoldu as he is the Akashans. We know from the Terra sourcebook that there are evil Eternity shards. Aperios encompasses all possibilities, which include some pretty horrible ones. He creates to create just as the Nameless One destroys to destroy. The Nameless One is just as happy to consume a cosm filled with soul-eating child molesters as he is to consume one filled with clones of Mother Teresa. Some things need to be destroyed so that healthier things can flourish. The key to victory in TORG is that neither of these beings should attain dominion but that a balance is achieved between them, preferably one keeps them far, far away from the cosms they use in their endless game. Which brings us back to the Gaunt Man. The Gaunt Man was once a High Lord who directly encountered an aspect of Aperios that nearly destroyed him. He emerged from the Maelstrom even more powerful than before, filled with new possibilities and charged with the desire to bring the glory of Aperios to all. And he would do this with his former tools of Fear and Corruption, the better to goad societies into push themselves along the path to perfection. There is the risk that the societies are destroyed in the process, but, well, that simply means they weren't worthy of Aperios' gift. Best to move on to find one that is. Meanwhile, those places that achieve perfection (a permanent 33 in one or more Axioms) are granted the reward of joining with Aperios in eternal communion, strengthening his power to create. The fact that such societies are no longer part of the cosmverse is considered by both Aperios and the Gaunt Man to be a minor detail. The Gaunt Man in this take is the monster as demented life coach, unleashing his monsters to breed heroes. He builds bravery through fear and integrity through corruption. He attacks the High Lords with Horror and tests the goodly beings (often to destruction) through terror. He is the greatest hope to defeat the High Lords and the worst nightmare. He is the cure that is worse than the disease.
  13. I don't know about the Ion stuff, but I figure particle beams would become available around Tech 27.
  14. In terms of World Laws, Mixed zones can get really interesting. A character in a Mixed zone could potentially be under the effects of three different sets of World Laws - the active and passive World Laws of the realities being mixed and his World Laws. A Core Earth character in Berlin would have all the Laws of the Nile and Tharkold apply to him as well as the active laws of Core Earth.
  15. I might have to buy a webcam just to get in on this. One thing I'd love to do in the game is have my character transfer the Star Wars trilogy to film suitable for the Nile Empire and show those films there. I'm just imagining the effect of the original Star Wars trilogy on the people of the Nile Empire, who completely lack all sense of genre savvy. I don't know that it would refill their possibilities, but it would be really cool just to see their minds get totally blown.
  16. For my part, I tended to think of Egyptian Religion, Mathematics and Engineer as more NPC skills than anything else. The same tended to go for Weird Science. Nile player heroes might use gadgets, but they didn't tend to build or repair them. As for intrinsic power, I mostly just said "No." As for Mobius being weak, two points. First, he's younger and less experienced that most of the other High Lords, having been at it for only 30 years. Second, sure he's a little weak physically, but so what? He's not going to fistfight you, he's going to come after you in a fire-blasting, flying robot sphinx the size of the Godzilla.
  17. While all High Lords "tinker" with their realities to some degree, Orrorsh is by far the most artificial cosm in terms reality alterations. In an earlier post I called it a farm. Perhaps a better comparison would be greenhouse. Orrorsh is a carefully regulated environment designed to use fear as a fertilizer to cultivate and harvest possibility energy. As such its "crops" can only be grown within a fairly narrow range of environmental tolerances. This makes them vulnerable to shifts in that environment. Meanwhile, the environment itself can be exploited by Storm Knights and, in some ways, be turned against itself. The Power of Fear is a smothering darkness over Orrorsh meant to empower Horrors and weaken Storm Knight opposition. However, much like normal darkness, it tends to magnify the effects of light. A flashlight shining at twilight might brighten an area to some degree. One shining on a moonless midnight will brighten things far more. Likewise, because of the very difficulties imposed by the Power of Fear, victories against Horrors tend to be all the more Glorious. If a Glory card is played during the Dramatic scene in which the Knights administer the True Death of the Horror, then not only is the Glory eligible for a Story Seed, the Knight also add the Horror's Fear Rating to the Glory award. So, if a Glory was achieved during the scene where True Death was applied to a Fear rating 4 Horror, each Knight would receive 7 bonus Possibility points for the Glory instead of the normal 3 each. The Power of Fear is intended to smother the light of Hope and it often succeeds. When it fails, though, it tends to failure rather spectacularly. Oh, and like normal Glories, this is cumulative. If two Glories were played during the above Horror's True Death scene, the (surviving) PCs would get 14 extra possibilities each. On a gaming rules note, you now have an excellent reason for player-characters to want to go to Orrorsh and hunt Horrors - they can potentially gain much higher Possibility awards for doing so.
  18. There would be serious benefits for doing that in Jasyn's cosmology (cosomology?). If the "refil point" isn't reached and the stelae is yanked, it "ashes" the triangle. Which does damage akin to a minor nuclear war, including nuclear winter climate change. The biggest barrier to me for using Create Hardpoint is that the "hardpoint" needs to be something from the reality to which it's being dedicated as a hardpoint. The jellied remains of a Victorian soldier (a possible Orrorshan stelae) are just not something from Core Earth. The only way a stelae could be turned into a hardpoint for another cosm would be if it were somehow physically transformed in a reality storm. That why I switched off to the idea of using Create Talisman. Here's a question: What is involved in "energizing" a stelae? Perhaps if there were a couple of new Group Powers like Transform (causes an object or being of one reality to physically transform into an object/being of another reality) or Energize Stelae (energizes a stelae and prepares it for planting), some serious havoc could be raised with High Lords' invasions.
  19. That said, depending on the World Laws, certain mecha may become available at lower Tech axioms...
  20. Well, if we assume that our current Tech axiom is 23 let's recall that there were serious plans for a 50 foot tall dancing Michael Jackson robot. While that thing would've been capable of only simple, programmed dance moves, figure in two or three Tech levels, fully articulated movement would be possible if not probable.
  21. The Rijato is Tech 25. A non-AI robot is Tech 24. In truth, we're probably going to get autonomous robot drones within the next 3-10 years here on real earth. Figure that giant, wearable Mecha battlesuits ala Robotech or Mechwarrior are probably Tech 25-27 depending on their capabilities.
  22. A robot tank is just a differently shaped robot. It should work fine under Tech 24 axioms.
  23. So, assuming that a group doesn't have the Block power, this entails an ABCD Dramatic Skill Resolution. A) Disconnect Link 1, B) Disconnect Link 2, C) Uproot the stelae (and put the Talisman in/on it) D) Replant the stelae. And this has to be done within 10 rounds or so. Assuming it's successful, the SKs can repair the links and effectively "poison" every stelae triangle that shares that stelae with a mixed reality linked to the talisman. This situation persists until the Talisman is either removed or loses power. Of course, figure that this is the sort of thing that Knights will only get away with once or twice. Figure after that, all stelae zones will be very heavily guarded.
  24. How long does it take for a stelae triangle to ash in your metaphysics?
  25. Actually, from what I can tell, Maelstrom bridges have to land in a Pure zone. Really, they land with a Pure zone. Essentially, they land in a pre-marked stelae zone and their pure realize pushes the invaded reality out of that stelae area, creating and maintaining a Pure zone. The only time that area is "mixed" is where the invading axiom wash is shoving the previous reality away like a water from a garden hose washing mud off a driveway. If you look at the various maps of invading realms, you'll notice that maelstrom bridges are always placed within pure zones. That makes me believe that maelstrom bridges can't survive in anything less than that. In High Lord of Earth when the PCs uproot the stelae they placed, the maelstrom bridge broke apart very quickly. Of course that was when Earth's reality came rushing back in. There's nothing that's been said about my idea in canon literature, possibly because no one ever considered it.
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