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  1. D6 Resources List

    The D6 System Resource List Open D6 OGL Links D6 Universe NEW HOME PENDING D6 Holocron Wiki http://d6holocron.com/wiki/index.php?title=D6_Holocron_Wiki Age of Enlightenment - A heroic fantasy D6 game http://www.northernmountains.com/hd6/aoe_toc.htm Aliens D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20011202103409/www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/3901/aliens/index.html Appleseed D6 - D6 Legend based in Masamune Shirow's Cyberpunk World of Appleseed http://appleseedd6.tripod.com/ Artemis' Xena and Hercules RPG - Dedicated to the WEG Herc/Xena RPG. http://imperialbathhouse.xenaholic.com/hxrpg.html Babylon 5 D6 Floyd C. Wesel's excellent adaptation http://www.mediafire.com/?mmzmgkyzmzi Battlestar Galactica D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20011026194022/www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/3901/battlestar/index.html Buffy the Vampire Slayer - D6 Role-Playing in the World of BtVS http://buffyd6.tripod.com Cinema 6 http://cinema6games.com/ Dark Night of Space Information and support http://www.finalswordproductions.com/ D6 Darkstar Original science fiction RPG http://miek.us/darkstar_setting.pdf D6&D6, The D6 system for fantasy based loosely on D&D. http://www.multimania.com/d6rpg/ AD&D D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20010419102031/www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/8037/addtod6.html D6 Superheroes 2 By Mike Bentley, R&E by Jon Odishoo http://web.archive.org/web/20020718202241/www.clocktower6.com/courtyard/d6/d6supers.html DCUEvolution http://www.dcuevolution.com/index.php DC Universe RPG Resources http://www.aric-dacia.com/dcu/index.html DCU Universe DCU primarily http://www.aric-dacia.com/index.html Doctor Who D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20011026170012/www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/3901/who/index.html Dueling Blades http://griffonpubstudio.com/FreeStuff/Blades.PDF Evil Dead D6 Role-playing in the World of the Evil Dead Trilogy http://evildeadd6.tripod.com Gamma World D6 http://gameworld.thesnakefarm.com/gamma/ Greg Costikyan Official site of one of the first D6 architects http://www.costik.com Griffon's Aerie http://griffonpubstudio.com/ GURPS to D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20010421161716/www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/8037/gurp2d6.html Hellboy D6 http://gameworld.thesnakefarm.com/hellboyrpg.php He-Man and the Masters of the Universe D6 http://dagarthorn.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=eternia Home of the Lost Star Warriors http://www.generic-hero.com/lost/index.html#Homebrew Hyperspace Crossroads http://web.archive.org/web/20011026062143/www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/3901/index.html Into The Shadows RPG A Horror/Adventure RPG http://members.tripod.com/~into_the_shadows/ Isis RPG - D6 System-based fantasy role-playing http://www.met.rdg.ac.uk/~sws99dsc/rpg/isis/Isis_RPG.pdf Legendary Realms by Robert Stehwien http://www.mediafire.com/?x3yw2kxj0i5 Mass Effect D6 http://www.bozark.com/mass/x/downloads.html Mass Effect 2 D6 http://www.4shared.com/file/232470729/8417ccf9/MassEffectLeD6.html Middle Earth D6 by Kyle “Moochava” Marquis http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=190283 Mike's World of D6 http://web.archive.org/web/19981207004654/http://www.nco.northfield.mn.us/overbom/d6.html Mini Six a fast and flexible rules system that encourages cinematic play http://antipaladingames.com/minisix.html Modern Magi D6 https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/ealderson/ModernMagi-vs0.1.pdf Moon Wars Gregg Stafford's world of Glorantha using D6 http://www.pheasnt.demon.co.uk/moon.htm Neverwhere D6 Modern fantasy role-playing based on Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere http://NeverwhereD6.tripod.com Preternatural RPG by the incomparable David "Grubman" Bezio http://greyarea.webs.com/Preternatural.pdf Prime Directive D6 Conversion http://www.lightsabre.co.uk/roleplaying/odds/Star%20Trek%20PRIME%20DIRECTIVE%20D6%20Conversion.pdf Prime Directive D6 Conversion http://www.farsightgames.com/#/news-and-updates/4530733944 Rangers D6 - Christian Conkle's Rangers, a precursor to Lightspeed http://www.mecha.com/~conkle/rangers/index.html Robotech D6 http://www.ninjalawyer.com/public/ROBOTECH%20RPG.doc RPG Gamer A great site for Star Wars D6 http://www.RPGGamer.org Septimus Quickstart Rules http://www.roleplayersdirect.com/downloads/Septimus_QS.pdf ShadowRun D6 by the Mana Brothers http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/zenith/134/srun.htm Sir Lamorak's Web Page conversions for D&D, GURPS, and Traveller by Jeremy Reaban http://web.archive.org/web/20010607135510/www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/8037/myd6page.htm Spaceballs D6 http://www.mediafire.com/?dqtntmyy5fm Space 1889 D6 by the Mana Brothers http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/zenith/134/1889.htm Starcraft D6 Role-playing in the World of Starcraft http://starcraftd6.tripod.com/ Star Frontiers D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20010420024326/www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/8037/d6starfr.html Star Frontiers D6 - Races & Technology http://www.seawolfsden.net/index.php/den/ronview/277 StarGate SG-1 by John Tynes http://johntynes.com/revland2000/rl_sg0.html StarGate SG-1 (PDF) http://gameworld.thesnakefarm.com/stargatesg1.php Starship Troopers D6 http://www.mediafire.com/?hzzznxjlcyk Star Trek D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20011026144648/www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/3901/trek/index.html Star Wars (Fan-made) 3rd Edition http://derriphan.110mb.com/Star%20Wars/Star%20Wars%20Introduction.html Star Wars D6 A New Group That Posts Equipment, Races, And Anything Else That You May Need For Your Star Wars Campaign. Have A Request, Just Ask! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Star_Wars_D6/ Star Wars D6 Legend http://miek.us/jedi_companion.pdf Star Wars RPG Club Gaming based on WEG's D6 Star Wars Roleplaying Game http://starwarsclub.org/ Sword Wars Homebrew fantasy using the D6 system http://web.archive.org/web/20050309051832/http://members.aol.com/mjmistele/sword.html Talespin D6 Sourcepage http://www.talespinsourcepage.i8.com/introduction.htm The Astrogation Site Mainly SW but has some interesting Robotech conversions on it. http://www.angelfire.com/me3/swgame/ The D6 System Archive https://sites.google.com/site/thed6systemarchive/ The D6 Webring Webring for all that is D6 http://p.webring.com/hub?ring=d6system The Mana Brothers D6 System Pages http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/zenith/134/d6.htm The Matrix Role-Playing Game The great D6 System applied to an awesome genre http://dansego.com/matrix// The Mighty Mutt Squad Page A detailed D6 Star wars campaign setting with plenty of crossover materials including Aliens, Predators, Star Trek and much more. http://web.archive.org/web/20080512131854/http://www.muttsquad.com/ The Outlands D6 Resources Page Some compiled D6 resource info. http://boryla.tripod.com/gaming/d6.htm The Rancor Pit http://www.rancorpit.com/ Transformers D6 http://dagarthorn.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=trnsfrmrsrules Transformers D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20051025141602/http://sweb.uky.edu/~elclin0/contents.htm Underworld D6 Using D6 Legend http://miek.us/underworld_rpg.pdf West End Games Archive at westendgames.com (2000-2007) http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.westendgames.com West End Games Archive at westendgames.net (1998-2006) http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.westendgames.net West End Games Blog at LiveJournal http://westendgames.livejournal.com/ X-Com D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20010420224438/www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/8037/d6xcom.htm
  2. New D6 Legends Variant Playtesters Needed

    I somehow missed this thread - I'd really like to playtest this!
  3. If you haven't already seen it, you might mine Robert & Deborah Donoghue's "Wheel of Fate" for ideas. It's sort of a collision of FATE, D6, and Over the Edge - you might find something useful there. Also, check out this post!
  4. This is step one in the D6 Legend System - but in follow-up posts, I'll be rolling out a number of modifications published by various contributors, notably Mike Lynes, Francois Letarte, Jerry D. Grayson, and Ken Burnside, to demonstrate how much the basic system can be streamlined. Comparing the D6 and Legend Systems If you're a fan of our D6 System, you may be curious about how easy it will be for you to learn the variants used in some of our new games. (If you don't know about the D6 System, you can look here for more information.) This essay highlights the significant differences between D6 and its most recent variant, the Legend system, though it won't teach you the systems. At their heart, all D6 games follow the same basic principle: Roll a number of six-sided dice equal to the character's skill or attribute score. If the total generated equals or exceeds the difficulty number, then the character succeeds. As with all uses of the D6 system, attributes, skills, and other character details are tailored to the genre of the game. The main differences appear in generating totals, the difficulty numbers, and combat. Generating Totals In D6, you roll normal six-sided dice with pips or numbers to come up with your totals. When you roll the specified amount of dice (as determined by your character's attribute score, skill score, weapon score, and so on), you add the numbers to get your total. With Legend, you can use normal six-sided dice or custom six-sided dice that have symbols instead of numbers on them. As with D6, you roll a designated number of dice. However, instead of adding the numbers, you count successes to figure out the total. (This also means that there are no pips in the Legend system.) On a normal die, a 1 or 2 is a failure while a 3, 4, 5, or 6 is a success. (On the Wild Die, 1 is a critical failure; 2 is a failure; 3, 4, and 5 are successes; and 6 is a critical success.) The custom dice, typically called Hero Dice, have symbols representing critical failures, failures, successes, and critical successes, making it much easier to count successes. Hero Dice Regular Normal Die Regular Hero Die 1, 2 Failure (0) 3-6 Success (1) Wild Normal Die Wild Hero Die 1 Critical failure (-1) 2 Failure (0) 3-5 Success (1) 6 Critical success (+1, and roll again) Difficulties D6 uses a range of difficulty numbers from 1 to 31 and higher. With normal six-sided dice, there's a larger range of values that can be generated with a few dice. Because the range of values produced by counting successes is much smaller, the range of difficulties is also lesser. In the case of the Legend system, this range is from 1 to 10 and higher. Using the difficulty numbers, however, remains the same in both systems. Difficulty Chart [b]D6 [/b] [b]Legend[/b] Very Easy (1-5) Very Easy (1) Easy (6-10) Easy (2), Moderate (3) Moderate (11-15) Difficult (4), Very Difficult (5) Difficult (16-20) Extremely Difficult (6), Heroic (7) Very Difficult (21-26) Very Heroic (8), Super Heroic (9) Heroic (26-30) Legendary (10) Combat The gist of combat is essentially the same between D6 and its variants: The attacker rolls his combat skill, attempting to beat a difficulty number. If successful, he rolls to see how much damage is done. This section offers key differences between D6 and Legend. Be sure to peruse the combat section in the rules chapter of the appropriate game for further and more complete details. Difficulty Number: The difficulty number in Legend is not a static number, as it is in D6. Rather, it's based on a fraction or roll of the character's Reflexes or dodge score and adjusted by a range modifier. Dodging: In Legend, when a character dodges, the total generated is used in place of the difficulty number based on the attribute or skill score, not added to that number (as it is in the most popular version of D6). Body Points: Wound levels aren't used in the Legend system. Rather, damage is taken off of Body Points, which are determined at character creation. Weapon Damage: To reduce the large number of dice a player would need to roll for many weapons, the Legend system uses die codes times multipliers instead of straight die codes. For example, a handgun has a damage value of 5Dx2. A player would roll five dice and multiply the total number of success by two-instead of having to roll 10 dice. (The first critical success on the Wild Die is only counted once.) Effect Value: Unlike in D6, getting high totals on your combat rolls with the Legend system has an influence on how much damage is done. The Effect Value is determined by subtracting the difficulty number from the success total. This value is then added to the amount of damage done. Remember...One aspect hasn't changed in any variation of the D6 system, and that's the idea of having fun. If you do that, it really doesn't matter what the rules say.
  5. [D6 Legend] D6 Legend 101 (from the WEG Archives)

    You, sir, have made my week! Is this involved?
  6. Questions about OpenD6, OGL, and publishing.

    It's been covered since the overall system went Open (4th paragraph; April 6, 2009); the Directive on Superpowers would be part of that provided someone took the time to excise the IP of DC Comics from it. I removed the examples from the DCU core book to create the SRD (and also removed the write-ups of the superheroes and the locations), but I got some negative feedback for doing so. You might consider going the route the OpenD6 Space miniature rules did and keep examples, but rename them and get as far away from the original IP as possible while still maintaining the spirit of the document. If you need it, I can provide you with the Word document that the D6L SRD .pdf was based on - just PM me with your email address and I'll forward it to you. If you were wanting to flesh it out with examples, that would probably be a big win for the system and its fans - I'd considered revisiting it, but have been more focused on my own project for the past 6 months now that I have enough bandwidth to get back into gaming. Hard to believe looking at this thread that even though it was completed (in a rush) before GenCon in August of 2009, the D6 Legend SRD went public January 18th of 2010. Eight days from now it'll be four years.
  7. (D6 Legend) Barsoom!

    This Indiegogo campaign kicked off yesterday - I'll be kicking in something after the Christmas shopping is wrapped up, but I'm pretty excited about this! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/warlord-of-mars-the-role-playing-game
  8. Damage in D6 Legend

    From the SRD document: Emphasis added. I'd say "Yes, the Wild Die applies to damage rolls." To clarify, though, it wouldn't be 1D plus the Wild Die; that 1D would be rolled as the Wild Die. If you get a "6" then take that success and roll again. To the second question, while I believe it is always used in skills, I think there is one power; Dimensional Travel, where a check is made on 2D6 and the Wild Die is not used. Hope that all helps.
  9. Defiance D6

    Quick question about attributes - looking at your Hunter template - I'm wondering if with the 1D to 3D spread and 8D allocated between 4 attributes, what would the "average" NPC human look like? In most D6 settings (those with attributes, anyway) it's 2D - are the PCs then "average" or would the "typical man-on-the-street" have 1D in most attributes? Put another way, is the attribute "benchmark" 1D Below Average 2D Average 3D Above Average or 1D Average 2D Good 3D Great?
  10. Defiance D6

    I like it - I can see where a lot of the influences came from, and I think they'll work well together. Only question I had at the read-through is how does the Wild Die work in this? I didn't see any specifics. Is it 6 = roll again (my assumption since the difficulty chart goes through 10 and the attributes give a maximum of 3D - not sure how many dice the Tags can provide), or the Wild Die succeeds on a 2-6 instead of 3-6, or what exactly? I'm looking forward to reading more about the Tags. Good work so far - keep it coming, please!
  11. Open D6 Supers

    The D6 Legend conversion is solely the DC Universe RPG; I was under a time constraint to get it to Eric before GenCon so that he could include it in the "first wave" of OpenD6 products. That didn't end up happening at GenCon, but the short version is I didn't add in any of the corrections or revisions from the Directive on Superpowers sourcebook, solely because I ran out of time to do it. If someone had the time to do a "DC intellectual property" (i.e. examples and their proprietary named superheroes) free version of the Directive, I'm pretty sure Eric would give it his blessing, at least he'd said as much back when OpenD6 was in the planning stages. Same holds true for Ghostbusters, actually, if someone wanted to write up the rules and remove the intellectual property content.
  12. Open D6 Supers

    Solely based on DCU; if anyone has the bandwidth to add in a (IP-free) supplement for Directive, I can tug on Eric's coat-tails on FaceBook to get the all clear for it to join the OGL...
  13. How Many WEG Worlds?

    Check this page about halfway down - http://www.d6online.com/photopost/ - although it's more an image gallery for the covers, it seems complete.
  14. What WOULDN'T you change about D6?

    To the original question, other than dice pools composed of six-sided dice, there's not much that I'd consider "off limits" to change. Granted, I've seen some changes that I would not personally adopt or play, but I've long abandoned the notion that OpenD6 will be like D20 from a standpoint of uniformity - and that's okay. It's a very versatile core mechanic that can be tweaked pretty hard and still produce entertaining play, so it's all good.
  15. Die Pip Modifiers

    I prefer pips, but modify the difficulties like so: http://www.d6online.com/forum/showthread.php?2405-Potential-Revision-to-Classic-D6-Difficulties. I use them in D6 Legend mods as well, for exactly the same reasons as Grimace...
  16. What have you been watching lately?

    It's okay, Whill - I'm terribly conflicted on your behalf.
  17. [Mini Six] Stormglass

    Is the revised version at the same link as in the first post?
  18. Anyone else heard of this?

    My concern on (admittedly only one) setting is from the link I posted above - an alien looking like a Gray with dreadlocks, holding a flaming cutlass/sabre/scimitar, captioned "The Doblik pictured is a member of the enigmatic Medjai -- an independent organization dedicated to enforcing justice in the lawless territories of the Fringe." Reminded me a great deal of the Clone Wars-era Jedi Kit Fisto, with dreadlocks instead of tendrils (although looking at the art, those could be tendrils on the Doblik as well). Seems like that might need a touch more "filing down" to avoid IP infringement... Take the characteristics of the Jedi, but name them after the Pharaoh's guard in "The Mummy" and its sequels? Doesn't fill me with confidence. Hopefully it's a minor enthusiastic indiscretion and not indicative of the rest of their work.
  19. Anyone else heard of this?

    Nerdron, we seem to be on the same page; I'm just hoping that Sixcess is really smooth in play once you've picked up the system (all of the creative team continually says that, but of course it being their "baby" what else would they say?). I've already signed on for the book through the Kickstarter (and had done that before the RPG.net thread - I'm not sure I would have backed it had I read that first), so I'm hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised by the final product - but as I said above, it's a guarded kind of optimism.
  20. Anyone else heard of this?

    Heard of it, read the quick start and I'm backing the Kickstarter for it. I have some reservations; it's pretty "jargony" - in many cases creating jargon when an existing commonly used phrase in the gaming lexicon would serve equally well, and some of their preview art, while solid, makes me wonder about how good their settings for the core rules will be. I signed on mainly because of how the core looked and Cynthia Celeste Miller is writing one of the early setting books. I'm optimistic, but guarded, if that makes any sense. The way wounding works seems functional but pretty over-wrought. Probabilities are difficult to grok because given the task a die might succeed on a 2 or better or a task might call for a 5 or better - it's more like the old free White Wolf World of Darkness Quickstarts than D6 Legend, in a lot of ways. I'm willing to risk some cash on it, though - I guess we'll see how it measures up in a few months! One of the creative team has given a lot of examples that weren't very clear from the quickstart - check it out here at RPG.net: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?657132-Anyone-know-about-the-quot-Sixcess-quot-system Here's the company on Facebook - lots of art previews here: https://www.facebook.com/HarshRealities6S Reading back over the original post, I don't think this is an OpenD6 OGL project, or even necessarily based on OpenD6. The D6 Pool system seems closer to a D6-derived project. Sixcess (6S) just seems to be a D6 dice pool system, like Shadowrun, for instance, that doesn't have anything more to do with OpenD6 than the use of six-sided dice. Grimace, if you've heard anything different, let me know...
  21. Star Frontiers with D6?

    Good find, Rerun941! I've added that to the D6 Resources thread as well. There's this one too - http://web.archive.org/web/20010420024326/www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/8037/d6starfr.html - combined with Rerun's site, this should allow you to convert anything from the Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn rule books...
  22. What have you been watching lately?

    I'm of two minds about Deckard being a replicant; if he is, the movie is much darker (more "Noir") in that the protagonist is just a puppet following the directions of the corrupt humans. If Deckard is a human, then he went from being dead inside to seeing some value in life because of his encounter with these particular replicants - not as Noir but then not all Noir films had dark endings - Casablanca had a lot of Noir influences, but didn't really end like one. On a "meta-level" Ridley Scott told Harrison Ford that Deckard was not a replicant before telling the fans in the Director's Cut that he was one. Both Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer have gone on record as being opposed to the "Deckard is a replicant" angle. As I said, I'm of two minds - both have a certain "cool factor" to them, and since it's not definitively stated in the context of the film, it's just one more little backstory element that makes the film memorable. Still works either way...
  23. What have you been watching lately?

    For me the PKD Holy Grail of movies would be if someone made "The Man in the High Castle." It was actually his research for the alternate universe of that novel that inspired him to write "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep."
  24. What have you been watching lately?

    I'd also be remiss in neglecting to mention Syd Mead's visual realization of the setting, and Ridley Scott's success in bringing it to the screen; Los Angeles in November 2019 is one of the quintessential cinematic dystopian settings. The Tyrell Arcology Pyramid, Spinners, the Voight-Kampff machine, the neon and rain of the "tech noir" future... it may have been equaled via CGI in the decades since, but Doug Trumbull's model work in 1982 has never been surpassed.
  25. What have you been watching lately?

    BLADE RUNNER - Themes (I'd warn about spoilers, but the movie is thirty years old this year...) I'll do my best to answer this, as a long-time fan of Blade Runner (since the summer of 1982, when I first saw it in a movie theater in Springfield Virginia). I don't think it's so much a cult of stoners that have kept Blade Runner on the geek radar so long. The movie is somewhat unique in that the antagonists of the film have a motive that's really not evil. They do some very bad things in pursuit of their goal, but they are essentially escaped slaves, trying to find out what more there is than what they have done all their lives: Soldier, Assassin, Prostitute, Laborer. The "what it means to be human" is certainly important. Early in the film Doctor Eldon Tyrell tells Deckard "Commerce is our goal here at Tyrell; 'more human than human' is our motto." By the end of the film we've had a chance to compare Deckard, Gaff, Holden, Bryant, Hannibal Chew, Taffy Lewis, J.F. Sebastian, and Tyrell (for "team Human") against Rachael, Leon, Zhora, Pris, and Roy Batty (for "team Replicant") and really, unlike many films of the late 70s and early 80s, the humans don't hold up all that well. The Replicants escaped from their servitude to come to Earth (illegally), to risk execution (oh, I misspoke - retirement), confront their creator and find out if this is all they get - is this what my life is? The irony is that Tyrell Corporation has the perfect motto. What they created has hope, and love, and rages against injustice while their "betters" sit around and merely survive on a dying world, where "animoids" are sold in street markets - replicants based on endangered or extinct animals, pointing to an ecological catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. Another irony is that Tyrell Corporation considers this tendency in Replicants to be a bug and not a feature - the four-year lifespan was introduced when the company realized that their product became hard to manage once "it" developed emotions. The implanted memory concept also tweaks the "what it means to be human" meme - in some versions of the film, Ridley Scott added in the "unicorn dream" sequence when Deckard dozes off at his piano. When he finds Gaff's final origami "calling card" at the end of the film, it puts Deckard in the position of having to question whether he ever had an ex-wife that called him "Sushi - cold fish" or whether that was implanted as easily as Tyrell dimmed the sun when Deckard went to interview him. Or maybe it's just coincidence and Gaff was saying "go ahead and enjoy your fairy tale ending with the skin job." Deckard's character arc is also appealing - from "Suspect? How can it not know what it is?" through "The report would read routine retirement of a Replicant - which didn't make me feel any better about shooting a woman in the back" to "I don't know why he saved my life. Maybe in those last moments he loved life more than he ever had before. Not just his life - anybody's life; my life. All he'd wanted were the same answers the rest of us want. Where did I come from? Where am I going? How long have I got? All I could do was sit there and watch him die." - you know that Deckard is through being a Blade Runner, because he knows at the end that they're not "like any other machine; either a benefit or a hazard" - they're people like us. Maybe more than that. For me, I think it's the morally gray "Noir" aspect of the film that appeals. Deckard accomplishes his assignment, but nobody wins. He gets to run off with Rachael, making his own escape, but if he's a replicant he could have had memories implanted a week ago after three and a half years elsewhere. They may have a week or they may have a lifetime. But they have something. They have love; they have hope. They have right now. Gaff's final words to Deckard; "It's too bad she won't live - but then again who does?" are key to the overall theme. You can choose to simply exist or you can choose to live. Deckard chooses to live. The Replicants he hunted chose to live as well. To Gaff's point everybody dies eventually. You don't have to sit and wait for it, and it's too bad if that's all you do. I think the ending of another movie sums it up for me - Morgan Freeman as Detective Lt. William Somerset giving the final line in the movie "Se7en" - "Ernest Hemingway once wrote 'The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for.' I agree with the second part."