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  1. I should also note that all the opened books have shown up as free downloads on DriveThru. I'm sort of mystified by this, and the rumor mill is burning up over what future WEG has. (How is Septimus selling, anyway?)
  2. To follow up on that question: if I'm writing a game setting in which there are no metapowers at all, would leaving out the capability for metapowers entirely be the way to go even if you're not sure whether someone will want to use your rules for something that includes metapowers?
  3. I wonder if there are already excel or OpenOffice spreadsheets circulating out there that assist in chargen for some of the current flavors of D6 (Adventure, Fantasy, Powers, etc.). It might not be neccesary to reinvent the wheel, and it's much easier to alter a spreadhseet.
  4. The principal problem with Hero Lab for me is the difficulty of programming in XML -- an easier process for some than the programming for, say, Metacreator, but still way over the heads of Luddites like me. Thus I may want to do something, but don't have the skill to do it myself, and thus feel bad about asking someone lese to do it unless I had the money or resources to offer a substantial reward -- and personally I don't. It's a philosophical dilemma I can't wrap my mind around.
  5. Man, I wish I was in Indy this weekend. I always had a great time when I went to genCon, especially gamemastering.
  6. Wouldn't the performance of any combat vehicle (like aircraft and tanks) be improved if the pilot or crew is exceptionally skilled and talented? Anyone remember a comic series called The Haunted Tank? It dealt with a WWII tank crew that had all kinds of combat adventures and were among "the best of the best" at what they did. This enabled them to survive combats that would have killed a less talented bunch of tankers. The original definition of "mecha" includes planes, tanks and even cars and motorcycles. You're Under Arrest by Fujishima is a police comedy that doubles as a mecha show with modern-day technology (one of the heroines is an intuitive genius when it comes to "upgrading" police vehicles).
  7. One of my favorite ideas for a character type to convert is, unluckily for me, closed content. That means lotsa luck trying to find anything about it. I wish it wasn't a closed class, because D&D 3.5 didn't execute the concept especially well and I'd really like to have another go at it with a different system.
  8. I was stuck within the limits of the generator. I didn't say it was a successful experiment. Someone suggested not making it area effect. That would be good if it were completely from scratch. However the Dragon Slave is Collateral Damage Personified. For that it needs Area Effect. I could scale the damage. I probably would scale the damage if this was anything more than an experiment. The difficulty is still going to be beyond the pale for most PC magic-users, and the spell itself would be virtually unknown in more "realistic" fantasy campaigns.
  9. Here's one I tried. Obviously the upper limits of the application do not meet the requirements to wrieup this spell, but here's my attempt: Name: Dragon Slave Skill: conjuration Difficulty: 45 Effect: 30 (Massive Blast/10D physical damage) Range: 100 meters (+10) Speed: instantaneous (+10) Casting Time: 1 minute (-9) Duration: 1 second (+0) Other Aspects: Area Effect (+50): 10-meter radius circle Concentration (-3): 1 minute with minimum concentration difficulty of 9 Feedback (-3): -3 to damage resistance totals Focused (+6): On target Gestures (-3): Hand movements to direct and aim the energy (complex) Incantations (-3): Pledging the caster to the Dark Lord (complex) Description: A magical tacnuke intended to take out a dragon or other large target. Can also be used against towns or armies.
  10. Excellent points, Cat. Views on social evolution have changed dramatically since the 19th century, when "cavemen" were first taken seriously by scientists. As far as evolution of religion, Shinto was referred to as a form of animism for a long time, and it actually has sacred writings and handed-down legends. The border between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age that followed it is difficult to guage. Agriculture taking the place of gathering might be a good measure of when a culture has passed out of the Stone Age, but even then it might not be a good measure in all cases. You don't need plows to grow limited food, although plows certainly help make farmers more productive.
  11. So 7D (if you can achieve it) is much better than 5D+6. Got it.
  12. Stonecrafting would be a good one: the ability to use sharp stopnes to mshapren other stones. An essential survivial skill for a stone-ager group. Ritualism would be important for the cohesion of a tribe of hunter-gatherers in a world with hostile magic. You might get some ideas from the GURPS book Fantasy II: The Mad Lands (by the legendary RPG writer Robin laws) . Though the heroes are a bit above the Stone Age, it isn't by much, and the Universe is oppenly hostile to mankind (or at least to them), with twisted gods trying to wipe them off the face of the world. As a result, the Madlanders are perhaps the ultimate xenophobes -- when they an outsider, their first, second and third impulses are to kill them brutally. Usually this reaction is absolutely justified.
  13. I'm one of those people who uses a computer for a lot of their character generation and content formatting (even for a system where I don't really need the help). I'd like to see something done for D6, but don't have the programming capacity to do it myself. I know that some people use Excel spreadhseets to do the job. Quite how to do it in Excel or its main competitor, OpenOffice.org, is something I would need better spreadsheet skills to work out. There are some dedicated chargen programs as well, but none of them have anything for D6. The two that come to mind are Metacreator from Alter Ego Software and Hero Lab from Wolf Lair Productions. Both have the capacity to add user-created system templates, but both require extensive programming (XML programming in the case of Hero lab) to do, and that too is beyond my skills. I feel bad about asking for something when I can't do it myself. So does anyone have any ideas on how to go about doing this? Is this perhaps a product idea for West End or some third party?
  14. What's more advantageous to have in an Attribute: an extra die, or an extra +3?
  15. Sounds like you have a setting in mind for these particular mecha. The Legionaire looks especially interesting. Makes me wonder about New Rome and whether you intend it to be the "bad guy state" in your campaign....
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