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  1. So, if two guys are dueling, the one with better skills always goes first, so he can just attack and attack and attack, and the less skilled opponent never gets initiative? Am I missing something?
  2. Has there been any thought in the community regarding simultaneous combat rounds? Basically everyone declares their actions at the start of the round, and they all resolve at once, then the next round begins. There's a few things I like about this idea: it cuts down the amount of dice rolling, which speeds combat better reflects the chaos of combat (does it look like these guys are rolling initiative? -> :fight:) it would seem to tighten up the narrative and add drama to combat. However, there are a few situations that would require special attention: simultaneous combat rounds doesn't inherently lend itself to dueling or fighting with parrying. The work around in the back of my head would be ruling that by attacking by melee in one round puts you out of position to attack the next round, and would incur a -1D penalty to attacks in the next round. You're free to multi-action a parry followed by an attack with normal penalties incurred. When two opponents declare attack in the same round, an alertness check determines who's attack gets priority, and the loser may parry (at -1D?). The loser can take the damage and attack anyway, but damage is done first and the following attacks suffer wound penalty. If you want to preempt an enemy's action (besides a parry, which is a standard action), you have to declare the specific target and action you want to preempt. If target doesn't act or acts differently than expected you don't act that round. If the target does act, you have to make an alertness check to successfully preempt your target's actions. If you spend an entire combat round readying you can declare and resolve your combat action that round before the normal combat round declarations are made (I'm ambivalent about this one, it may be too many 'special' rules). Otherwise, questions of priority are determined by rolling alertness. Any thoughts? Does this idea have merit? Am I missing a scenario I really should consider?
  3. I'm inclined to modify the difficulty, even if it recurring game element. An 18th century doctor trying to cure something with leaches and mercury vapors will always be up against heroic difficulty, no matter how often it comes up. The real question is do you tell the player what the difficulty is?
  4. Thanks! Yeah, WoD and Dresden Files were all influences (a few others besides), but I was definitely aiming for all magic being coincidental in the mundane world. I can upload a .rtf version, but should I then upload the magic skills tree as a separate picture? Is there a preferred format?
  5. Hey all, so instead of getting work done over my winter break, like I was supposed to, I worked on a contemporary fantasy setting and mechanics I've had rattling around in my head for awhile; I've called it Modern Magi. The link is below. It's still pretty rough, but some of the mechanics are novel to my experience. Modern Magi V 0.1 I welcome feedback! :thanks:
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. All that said, the battery in my comptuer is a fairly low voltage and current, so I'd be better off using beefier batter than I could find inside my computer case.
  8. Oh? :confused: I didn't think an electrochemical battery would be seriously effected by an EMP, solar storm, etc. What sort of attack did you have in mind?
  9. I'm pretty sure I've got enough cardboard boxes to get me through a few Wisconsin winters. But I'll be able to use the battery in my computer and some iron wool to start the fire!
  10. Yes and no. If you look at the system, the single skill is one of two skills, which ever is lower. You've got to raise two skills (Understanding and Discipline) in tandem for your force use ability to go up. Also, a Jedi wouldn't want to let their third skill, 'Peace' under represented either or it will bite them. Further, I make Jedi buy their powers, so that's a XP sink too. And as I said, any tweaking of the Force Powers I did was pretty much on the fly, and largely incidental.
  11. R&E 2nd Ed. are all I've personally played, and my experience has been positive (though, as I alluded to, I played fast and loose with the scale rules because I haven't finalized them). Unfortunately that's the only experience I have to draw from, and none of my players were trying to 'break' the rules. I've had exchanges with people who were excited to play with my rules, but they never got back to me on how it went. I don't have a copy of D6 Space, but I'm not aware of any differences in rules that would prove problematic for this system. Perhaps some powers would need some tweaking, but that seems like something that could be handled on a case by case basis, and mostly on the fly. I'm pretty happy with the core mechanic of activating Force powers, and I think it should roll out well. As an aside, I would tweak these rules in non-Star Wars setting for game balance reasons. I'd probably include some sort of fatigue rules to keep the Space-faring-Zen-Do-Gooders a little more in check.
  12. All powers fall under a single Force usage skill. To use any power roll Understanding or Discipline, which ever is lower against the established difficulty. This was part of my intent to streamline the system and do away with the multiple skills. As I recall, once the Jedi made the moderate difficulty, I just added the single Force use skill to all Lightsaber use.
  13. When I play tested it I didn't have to redo any force powers, I just had to keep scale in mind (which in my mind needs the most work yet). What doesn't work for you?
  14. In case any of you cats don't get over to the Rancor Pit, a long time ago (Feb of 06), in a galaxy not too far away (this one in fact), I posted some alternate Force rules for Star Wars D6. I still wouldn't say that they are 'completed' but they are playable, and the limited feedback that I've gotten has been positive. Since there is a venue for this sort of thing here, I thought I'd add it to the milieu here as well. https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/ealderson/alt-force_mech.pdf Of course I post stuff like this for the feed back, so by all means let me know what you think!
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