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  1. Is OpenD6 dead?

    I want some honesty here. I've seen several projects put forward by several individuals/companies over the last few years that have gotten some, little, or no positive feedback whatsoever. You mention D6 on most other boards, and the majority of the answers you get are "never seen it before," or "it's a dead/tired system used for Star Wars back in the day." I don't want to see the system whither away. Can we put some steam back into the engine somehow? Put something together that would bring more interest to the system? Any suggestions?
  2. Heroes of the High Seas open project

    I see the airship idea more as an add on than a central design for this project. The main focus will likely be a more historical rendering with a touch of magic interspersed (voodoo/hoodoo, low magic type stuff), then in later chapters (or source books) we can add the more fantastic ideas. Sort of how Thorvald envisioned it in the OP:
  3. Heroes of the High Seas open project

    Hmm, I don't think Mini Six is too hard to find. Here's the product page over at Antipaladin games (the guys that produced it). Just checked it, and the download works fine. My previous post wasn't meant to quash any fantasy elements from the design. I'm just suggesting that we form a baseline to proceed from, basic templates that one would find in a historically founded game, which would also carry over into the fantasy realm as well. I love everything that has been mentioned so far. I love the idea of airships, or a single airship used by the ruling house to rain terror on the shipping lanes too! Considering that we're working on this as an alternate Earth sort of idea, I don't think having the airships powered by steam would be too far of a stretch, and if we do limit it to a design controlled completely by the royal family we wouldn't have to worry about the technology being wide-spread. If we wanted to stay clear of steam, we could have the discovery of air streams early on too. Just some ideas.
  4. Heroes of the High Seas open project

    Hey there. Sorry to be silent for so long. The Sea Devils do reach out from the fantasy side a bit, but I like the concept. I also like the flying ships and the like, but that takes us away from the core idea of the genre, and takes us into something resembling Starjammer. It's not a bad idea, but like Thorvald mentioned, I wouldn't mind keeping things as close to a traditional pirate theme as possible. We can definitely explore those areas while we work on the core material, but have it in mind for a separate document, or at the very least, a separate chapter/section of the main book. As for the traditional material, I think we might want to look at what should be a central aspect to a game devoted to pirates. That being, the pirates themselves. I found a forum, HERE, that has a pretty good description of the various crew positions one would find aboard a typical pirate vessel. HERE is another site with more descriptions of crew positions. I am beginning to formulate some templates for those positions, but before I go headlong into it, we need to decide on which vein of OpenD6 we are wanting to follow. Should we begin with the D6 Adventure rules set, Mini Six, or go back to basics with something like the first edition Star Wars rules? Mini Six is a great set of rules, and would keep things nice and tidy during game play, IMHO. D6 Adventure is pretty much set up for this type of gaming too. Opinions?
  5. Heroes of the High Seas open project

    All of those template ideas sound great. I'm sure you can add land lubber types without much hassle. Outlaws running from justice, disenchanted nobles even, maybe a simple bookworm/dreamer looking to find out if the rumors of the magical new lands are all that they're cracked up to be. There should definitely be shamans/witch doctors. A Stardust type character might be something to add for those wishing to go a little deeper into the mystical/fantastical. I don't see a problem with adding templates for non-humans. Again, you could have them for those wishing to go deeper into the fantasy style of gaming too.
  6. Heroes of the High Seas open project

    I like the curse concept. The ticket could be called a talisman, or totem. As for the fictional family, we could dig into history and see what comes up for a family name. Of course, it could also be a group of families that have banded together for world domination. The shipping company could be their eyes and ears in the far reaches of their empire, used as cover for their dastardly designs.
  7. Is OpenD6 dead?

    Thanks, had some issues come up that I had to deal with.
  8. Heroes of the High Seas open project

    Sorry I didn't get this posted myself. Had some issues to deal with. I like the idea of the historical/fatasy aspect. What area would you like to focus on as far as the setting goes for starters? The Caribbean/Americas, Europe?
  9. Is OpenD6 dead?

    I'll start a new thread in the OpenD6 design forum in a little while. Have to get my boy to go to bed.
  10. Is OpenD6 dead?

    I like the Heroes of the High Seas idea. I'm sure Grimace would too. Maybe we could start a thread about it and try to hammer something out.
  11. Is OpenD6 dead?

    There have been a few folks here on the boards that have assembled some aspects of a fantasy setting. I've helped Grimace with his Magic & Miracles supplement, and we have spoken about other ideas. As for space opera, there have been several attempts in those directions. Most notable is Bill Coffin's Septimus, alas it has fallen to the non-supported way side. I think one of our other members, RocketDad, started the Black Desert, but I haven't seen much from that line lately either. Hopefully he hasn't fallen away from his projects because of lack of interest in the market. What would it take to get some folks on-board on some projects that might fill the void? Can the OpenD6 community come together on something that wouldn't fall apart after a few days or weeks of collaboration? I'd love to see something put together that would grab hold of other gamers out there and make them yell for more. It doesn't have to be a for profit project either.
  12. So what's up with people?

    Why not record it, and do a Podcast sort of thing?
  13. Hey folks! It took a while, but Tales of War is now finally available for download from RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG! Get it for FREE now!
  14. OpenD6 Core Book: containing what?

    Okay, for what it may be worth, here's an informal "poll" I did over at RPG.net on the subject of familiarity with the terms D6, D6 System, and OpenD6. I found that the majority of folks associated those terms with Star Wars, even if they hadn't played the game, or even used the system. A few posters even mentioned their distaste for the three separate core books, and even a couple more didn't care for the D6 System core book from 1996. Of course, Mini Six got some love in that thread too.
  15. OpenD6 Core Book: containing what?

    My suggestion was to go with familiarity. Most folks associate the D6 System with Star Wars D6, so going with the D6 Space attributes list would keep the familiarity factor in place. Perhaps it would be implying that this set of attributes is the "official" set, but by placing the optional attribute sets alongside the main would let folks know that they can use the one of their choice. Like Grimace said, you have to make a choice and stick to it. If there's going to be a book, a physical book, that you can point folks to and say "there's OpenD6," you have to start somewhere. If the attributes are the major stumbling block to getting the ball rolling, choose one, work around it, and move on.
  16. OpenD6 Core Book: containing what?

    I like the idea of having a single set of rules as a baseline, with all of the optional fiddly bits tossed in. My suggestion for the baseline rules would be to determine which set of the rules is most widely known, and for that, I'd say it would have to be the Star Wars D6 version. Whenever people talk about D6, the discussions always fall back on Star Wars. So, why not use those, or at the very least D6 Space, as the baseline?
  17. Something along the lines of Event Horizon?
  18. Combat Options: Which is preferrable?

    I like this route myself. Perhaps have a modifier for each maneuver that the opponent has to overcome when attacked with a specific maneuver? Say, PC wants to use an elbow smash. Have that maneuver give the opponent a set +2 (or +3, or +4, etc.) modifier to their block/parry difficulty, on top of the PC's attack total. So, PC rolls Brawling/Martial Arts 6D for the elbow smash and gets a 25. Opponent rolls to block, has to beat a 27. Keep the modifier purely numerical so there are no extra dice rolls. Basic punches and kicks would have no mod.
  19. Tales of War Available For Download

    Awesome! Can't wait to see your take on it. I hope your teens enjoy the adventure!
  20. What's Taking So Long?!?

    Hey there. Sorry to have not posted anything in the way of an update in some time. I breeze through here when I can, but time is definitely not on my side lately. No excuses though, just kick me in the rear and shout, "GET ON WITH IT!" Okay, so I've been doing some tidying up with the writing in the Tales of War. Grimace has helped me a lot with the editing, and has been great at goading me whenever I stray too far from the gate. I've been finding new weapons/gear that I felt needed to be included, so the page count has been increasing. As long as the real life bug doesn't bite me too much in the near future, this issue will be finished soon-ish. Sorry again for the delays! See you real soon!
  21. Hey there! Still hammering away at the Tales of War! Just finishing up some of the finer details, and tidying up some stray commas and periods here and there. For your enjoyment, and as an appetizer, here is one of the vehicles that you will find within the pages of this free issue! The Sonderkraftfahrzeug (Sd Kfg) 222 Light Armored Car. Let me know how you like it!
  22. What's Coming Up?

    Hi folks. Jim here, just posting to let folks know what I have planned for 2012. First, as I had mentioned in an earlier post, I plan to get my ACES WWII role-playing game completed. It might take a little while, as the computer I was putting it all together with went belly up on me, and stooooopid me forgot to back up my files on a daily basis (that's not happening anymore-thank you external hard drive!) Needless to say, I plan to take the drive to a PC Doc to attempt a salvage job for the files. I have some of the older files on earlier back up discs, but a lot of the information I had done on the aircraft and other vehicles/weapons didn't get saved. Once I have the files back, I can go to full steam on this. As of now, I'm doing some re-writing to make use of the Mini Six rules set. Now, on to other fun news. I have started a little series of magazine-like books that will be focused on one genre at a time. The line is called the "OpenD6 Tales of" series, and each issue will feature an old pulp style piece of short fiction that will hopefully inspire the reader to play the adventure that is included in the book. The first of the series is titled "Tales of War," and features the short story "Nazi Fury" by author Lieutenant Scott Morgan. It's a tale about American expatriates in France who are trying to help the French and Allied forces to evacuate from Dunkirk during Germany's initial invasion. Following the short story is a mini-adventure I'm preparing titled "the Road to Rouen." This scenario takes the characters, a group of American Rangers, into the heart of France on the evening before D-Day. They must rescue a scientist from the clutches of his Nazi captors, and get him to a resistance safe house near Paris, while dodging allied bombs and enemy bullets. Our own Grimace has supplied me with several sets of stats for the weapons found in both the short story, and the adventure, and he has also done a very interesting remake of the good old Command/Leadership skill. His rendition makes the skill much more valuable to a team-oriented style of play, and is actually much more useful (and likely to be used!) The next installment of the Tales of series will be Tales of the West. It will be done in a similar fashion to Tales of War, with a piece of short fiction leading the way, followed by an adventure, and more weapons/gear and rules. After Tales of the West comes Tales of Adventure. This issue will be all about pirates, their weapons, their ships, and a set of rules for sailing and battle at sea (again thanks to Grimace). I have plans for several other Tales of books in the future, so keep watching here for updates!
  23. What's Coming Up?

    For the moment, I'm using period published material. If the series takes off, I may be commissioning some new work.
  24. Well folks, here are a couple of the character templates for Tales of War. This is a preliminary glimpse of the final template layout. The marks at the end of the Weapons / Gear section telling you to "See MKII Pineapple Grenade on page XX," are just a placeholder for the actual page number for the grenade info. I tried to keep the bios short and sweet. Hopefully they give enough info about the character to give folks a feel for them. All of the weapon stats listed on the templates are just the basics. I'll have the fully fleshed out weapon stats after the adventure section. Most of the stats have been written up by Grimace, and I hope to keep his formula as a standard throughout the series. The adventure, the Road to Rouen, was designed as a sort of one-shot game where the players can just choose a character, grab some dice, and get playing. All of the character stats have been written in, including skill point expenditure for skills and for Perks. If you don't like the way they've been arranged, nobody's gonna stop you from rearranging them to your liking. :cool: I used the basic skills list in the Mini Six core rules, with a couple of additions that I thought would be necessary for certain characters. You will also notice a new Perk, and a Complication listed on the templates. They will be fleshed out in the document. Also, Grimace has graciously given me permission to insert his new take on the Command/Leadership skill. I know, I mentioned it in my other thread, but it's such a good tweak on the skill that I had to mention it here too! Don't forget, Tales of War will be the inaugural issue of the Tales of series, and it will be free of charge. Further issues in the series will sell for around $1 to $2 each (haven't decided yet, who knows, they may all be free). I'm hoping to have the final touches finished on this one within a couple of weeks. I'll be informing everyone here when it's ready to download. Keep watching!
  25. OpenD6 Space Miniatures Now Available

    It looks like it embedded just fine.