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  1. Do a Google search for "one page dungeons". It's what it says on the tin - dungeons with map, random encounter chart, and room descriptions, all on a single page. Here's a site with some OPD linked: http://critical-hits.com/2009/05/25/the-compiled-list-of-one-page-dungeon-entries/
  2. I like the cinematic flexibility of it too. For myself, I don't like game where I have to do a lot of stat prep before hand, writing up detailed sheets for NPCs and such. D6 lets me do this, and on the fly too. If I need an NPC of a particular power level then I can just give him the stats necessary and I'm good to go. The mechanics are simple enough that balance between PCs and NPCs is fairly easy to judge. The fact that the mechanics are pretty simple and straightforward also let me spend more time on describing what is happening, and less time calling out numbers than a lot of games. I still remember one combat I ran in a Stormtrooper game, where the PCs got into a running gunfight with a couple of rebels trying to escape. The combat was fast and dynamic, and by the type the rebels were captured and the combat was over, the players both told me it felt like only 5 minutes had passed, when in fact we spent about half an hour on it. But that feeling of quickness and action is something that I haven't been able to find in other games, and why I keep coming back to D6. As far as specifics, I really like the way D6 handles multiple actions. One guy I game with regularly always tries to do lots of things during his turn, and while it's all in character and cinematic, in other systems I have to tell him something like "sorry, you only get one move action, and one attack action, and you can't all out attack if you jump on that table", or something similar. Usually there's more game-specific terminology involved. He often feels a little disappointed, and frustrated that what he wants to do has to fall within certain boxes of action-type. Or we have to house rule it, but that can cause balance problems with those games. In D6 though, I can say "sure! but the more actions you try the harder everything is to do" and he's excited because he can try what he's picturing in his head, and he doesn't have to learn a whole bunch of game-specific terminoloty to do it. I really appreciate D6's simplicity and flexibility in that regard. Also, I really like that you can spend character points to get extra dice. I know there are problems with this (some have just come up in one of my games, actually), but overall I think it's a fun idea. The problem that's come up in my game is going to have to be house-ruled, though... but that's another great thing about D6! It's robust enough that you can tweak it to hell and back without breaking it. Another aspect of the system that I like is the Wild Die. Again, I know this is something a lot of folks have had issues with, but I've finally come up with a way to play it that works for me. When a '1' shows up on the wild die, first of all I never penalize the rolled total. I've found that doing the math slows things down, and is disappointing. Sometimes it affects the success of the action, sometimes it doesn't, but it's always a bummer for the players. I do keep the idea of a '1' triggering a complication, but I try not to be a jerk about it. First, I never have a '1' cancel out an otherwise successful roll. None of this, "you made your stealth check but stepped on a twig so the guard still notices you" sort of thing. Second, I only use the complication if I can think of something interesting to do with it. For example, in my Star Wars game I've had players accidentally shoot control panels causing ionization or overloads, once I had a lightsaber miss and cut through the control system of the repulsorlift truck they were fighting on the back of sending in careening out of control, and another time a '1' on an otherwise successful dodge roll caused the PC to just barely get out of the way but have his chest armour cut in half by the vibroaxe instead. Actually, those were all in one session. But the PCs loved it! One of them mentioned to me after the game that he was more interested in rolling '1's on the Wild Die instead of '6's, just to see what would happen, so now I'm thinking of a similar way to interpret a '6', but we'll see. In a more mundane sense, I just like that D6 is a skill-based system, instead of being all about classes and levels. It makes it really easy for me to create the sort of character I want to, instead of having to figure out how to interpret what I'm imagining into a class/level based game. In those situations, half the time I just get frustrated and either play a bland stereotype just don't play at all because I can't figure out how to make my character concept fit. Plus, I've found that character generation takes far less time in D6. I had an unexpected player show up to a game a couple months ago, and instead of taking the entire evening to roll up a character, he was able to put together something in under 30 mins, and still play. And this was a guy who had only played D6 once before, about 5 years ago. So 'easy to learn' is definitely another reason why I love D6. I guess what it all comes down to, is that I have more fun playing D6 than any other system. It's easy to play, and it's easy to run as a GM. Instead of worrying about skill modifiers and combat action types and all the other small particularities of other systems, I can just sit back, shout some things, roll some dice, and have fun. Oh, and I like the fact that it only uses D6s. They're my favorite dice, and they're easy to find.
  3. Hey, looks nifty! Time will tell, but so far seems pretty good. Thanks for taking the time to keep this up Magman
  4. I'd probably go with the D6 Adventure spread. Though I go back and forth on whether or not Reflexes and Coordination really need to be separate Attributes. And that Attribute spread also has a lot of 'P' stats... Physique, Presence, Perception... I like 'Presence', but I'd be inclined to rename Physique to Strength, and Perception to Awareness, to create more name distinction. Maybe. Thoughts?
  5. I took a quick glance at it just now and it looks pretty good! Clean and easy to read formatting too. I can see it being pretty handy to have an easy-to-edit rtf like that. Thanks for putting the work in!
  6. The templates are actually 2 pages. The first page is the template description, with a general overview, a short section (about a paragraph) giving possible connections with other PCs, and a quote for each (titled "Famous Last Words"). The second page is the template's attributes, skills, and other stat miscellany. Pictures are sparse, and supplied for less than half (I counted 7, but was clicking through pretty quickly). The few pictures that are presented are pretty generic (except for the Zealot, whose pictures is just bizarre).
  7. What the heck, I'm in. I'll buy a lotto ticket tonight. Here's to Star Wars!
  8. Personally, I like the simplicity of being able to spend CPs for either advancement or an in-game advantage, but the Star Wars game I'm running has hit a problem with this. One of the characters has been saving up his CP just fine, only using 1 or 2 now and again to pull of some critical rolls, but the other PC has had problems. Due to both his terrible dice luck, as well as a desire to pull of wild in-game moves (I think he's been playing too much Force Unleashed), he ends up spending most if not all of his CP by the end of a session, and I'm pretty generous with CP at that. As a consequence, while the other PC has developed normally, his is starting to become a bit stunted, motivating him to spend even more CP in game to try and keep up. Basically, he can't handle the resource management of it. But he did make a good point when he said to me, "it just doesn't make sense that I can keep adventuring, but not improve one bit as a consequence, even if I spent all my CP". And I have to admit he has a point (seems like there are other folks out there who feel this way too). I'll admit, my personal inclination is to say, "too bad dude, suck it up and learn how to play the game right, instead of short changing yourself over and over," but upon reflection, this isn't very constructive. Plus, as the GM I feel it's my job to try to make things fun, and he's getting understandable frustrated. The guy tends to have trouble with mechanics in general, but in all other ways his a great player, and I hate to see him bummed out, so I've been looking at alternatives. The answer I've found that seems the best is to use a variation of the D6 Powers "Ka" system. Similar to what Hanzo what thinking, it's basically a recharging pool of points that can be used to get extra dice, or do other things like extra actions, though different benefits have different point costs - it's not a 1 to 1 relationship like CP. Your Ka pool is attached to one of your stats (can't remember which at the moment), and you can buy advantages to increase the Ka pool. By default, this is used along side of Fate points and Character points. What I'm thinking of changing, is disallowing the expenditure of CP to gain extra dice in game, making it purely XP. I'd tweak the Ka system slightly so you only ever have to spend one point to get a benefit (which would probably also entail retuning the starting amount). I'd rename Ka points to Force points, and rename what were originally Force points to Destiny points (stealing shamelessly from SW Saga ). I would be able to throw out free Force points in play for neat ideas or stylish moves (similar to bennies in other systems), and Destiny points would only come from doing things dramatically powerful and significant. The ability for Ka points to automatically regenerate over time would play nicely with the "freeform" Force rules I'm trying to develop right now (based on the Psychic rules from D6 Metabarons). Anyway, what do you guys think? The reason I'm thinking of tweaking Ka, and disallowing CP to be spent for extra dice in-game, instead of running them side-by-side like in D6 Powers is because that feels like just too many sub systems and resource management to me. Admittedly, having a pool of recharging points that can be spent to gain extra dice (wild dice?) is going to up the cinematic feel of the game a bit, especially with me throwing out extra points in play. But I think having a cap on the pool based on a stat will keep it from getting out of hand. I'm sure there will be complications that I'll have to work out, but it seems like a pretty good way of allowing players to get extra dice in-game, while keeping them from shooting their character advancement in the foot
  9. Hello Matthew, and welcome! Things seem kinda quiet around here right now, but hopefully it'll pick up after the holidays. What's your experience with WEG settings/systems?
  10. This game sounds very cool so far! I must admit to being pretty intrigued by the idea of throwing supers into the Cthulhu-verse. How is the game progressing?
  11. Let's see... there was my buddy's Rodian Smuggler and his copilot, my Equay Starship Mechanic. The Equay is an alien race I made up, based off of 30-30 from the old Bravestar cartoon. When describing the race somebody responded with, "so... you're playing a horse-monster?", and I was constantly referred to as such OCC for the rest of the game. :rolleyes: Those two characters were great together though. That game also saw a battered 3P0 unit doing it's best to be helpful and not get blasted, and a handful of Human Jedi, most of whom died when we were ambushed by Aliens (that's right, Giger style Xenomorphs :eek:) while exploring an abandoned Imperial science outpost on some backwater Rim planet. That was an awesome game. Later games saw a loudmouthed Devaronian Swoop Racer getting into trouble with a Human Gambler and a Mon Calamari Jedi Diplomat; a Human Jedi Swordsman in a contentious business arrangement with a Weequay Mercenary; and finally, the current PCs: a Force Sensitive Stormtrooper 2nd Lieutenant, and his one time squad mate, an Ex-Storm Trooper turned Darkside Apprentice, currently under the command of an Imperial Inquisitor (NPC). They are joined from time to time by a (very early) Prototype Dark Trooper Droid, and once, by a grizzled Veteran Imperial Technician. It'll be interesting to see who else comes and goes in that campaign.
  12. Aye, so it goes. I think Eric would do good if he could pass off all this public relations and sales coordination stuff to someone else, who has the time to stay abreast of the community, and at least respond regularly, if not proactively release regular announcements. Not a pretty situation. Still, I have hope that D6 can rise from the ashes and find itself a more mainstream niche in the gaming community someday. *crosses fingers* But yeah, in regards to the OP, that's why I finally just gave up and bought the PDF from DriveThruRPG. And it's pretty cool. I should get some good use out of it. I do wish we could get at least semi-regular status updates, though... Ah well. Anyone know what Bill Coffin is up to these days?
  13. *bump* So what's the latest? Anybody hear any word on the hardbacks? My impatience finally hit critical mass a couple weeks ago, and I bought the pdf from DriveThruRPG to see if I should bother staying intersted or not. It's a little rougher than I had hoped (mostly typos and such), but I like what I see! Still skimming through it, but it looks like it has a lot of potential. It'd be great to know there's a hardback out there somewhere that I could get my hands on eventually...
  14. Huh. I hit Google up, and it appears to be something to do with RC Helicopters. *shrug* So as to Septimus, anyone else have any issues with character gen? Anyone else getting a chance to run a character yet? I finally broke down and decided to buy the Septimus pdf a couple days ago. Only had a chance to skim it so far. The core rules look a bit 'odd' (I'll probably just drop in SW R&E as a base), but all the boons and banes and nano/gen mods look pretty awesome! Definitely curious to hear other folks' experiences.
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