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  1. Hi again, nobody likes to comment my post? I am very interested in your opinions. Has someone actually got a book from Eric? Maybe, you Eric could make an appearence here and make things clearer.
  2. Hi fellow gamers, I usually don’t post in forums and I had only once on this site. But I’ am more than angry about how Eric treat us as customer and gaming community. I preordered Septimus a long time ago and waited patiently for the book. As we all know, the project didn’t come to light and were canceled. I was very sad about that, but I didn’t rant or wrote flame posts anywhere. At last Eric finally paid my money back and I forget about the whole affair. But then Eric announced in a surprise coup, that he and Bill finished the book! He even gave us, who preordered Septimus in the first place a special offer with a reduced price. Unfortunately, the hardcover books didn’t come back from the printing company in China. But Eric offered the soft cover books and I think he’ll need any money he can get. I really wanted that book, I have been waiting for so long, so I decided to order it from Eric directly. I wrote him an email in August. He didn’t answer, so I wrote him another email after one month (15th October). Eric answered this mail the next day, so I thought everything is fine. He said that he only have the soft cover books and he needs my email address for the money request, if I still wanted one copy, which I gladly did. The money request never came. I wrote him a reminder at the 14th October and then another one at 08th November. I don’t have any words about that behavior. This is not the way you should treat your customer. I ’am not a man who wants to rant in public, but enough is enough. With your nonexistent communication, you will lose your (still existent) fanbase! Thorsten
  3. Hi Hellsreach, once again, I would like to ask you about my Septimus preorder. I haven't order my copy of the new Septimus book yet, because I need to know the exact order procedure. I sent to you a mail a couple of days before to your hellsreach@gmail.com account to ask you about my original order number, because I was one of those who preordered Septimus more than a year ago. You send all of us an special offer to buy the new book for half the price. Maybe you can drop me a mail, what I have to do to order the new book. Cheers taubenschlag
  4. Hi Hellsreach, I'am just wondering, if you get my email, I sent to you a couple of days before. I sent it to hellsreach@gmail.com I'am preordered Septimus too and I like to buy one copy. I didn't have my ordering number, but I saved your offer for my preorder. Maybe you can drop me a mail. Cheers taubenschlag
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