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    It does indeed! Thank you! I checked out a word doc version of the buffy the vampire slayer D6 iteration to see how undead were handled there, too. I'm beginning to shy away from a uniform "monster manual" approach as taken in d&d, where a monster of a given type is the same in general with known pre-packaged abilities and weaknesses, and leaning toward making it vary by creature and adventure, otherwise the flexibility of D6 is lost; or at least not utilized to its fullest potential. it's funny how once players get a good grip on D6 simply nothing else will do, anything else is too limiting. amazing in truth. so long as everyone knows that: 1) to be touched by undead will have extranormal negative results such as fatigue or drain 2) silver, magic, religous items/influence or spending fate point per attack is required in the short term 3) negative effects may require intervention of priests/temples or quests to mitigate or remove 4) many such creatures can be defeated short term with above methods, but long term defeat may require methods to break the curse that created them. This would prevent players from memorizing a laundry list of "right moves" vs assorted undead, instead, they'd have a short list of things generally known to be useful against most "spirits" or "devils of the flesh", reviving the fear horror and mystery such creatures used to evoke before everyone read the monster manual and became cold blooded professionals. It would keep them on their toes and "honest", as it were. Thanks again, your input has helped greatly with the creative block i've had with this matter, and i've also recently surpassed another with regard to a possible conversion of the fuedal lord simulator that was the birthright setting; where counties/territories had a stat for material/magic capacity listed like (6/2); in D6 i'd simply convert those to dice and treat it the way the "funds" attribute was treated. Thus a player with lands would allocate these material or magic "funds" dice in a month to different projects to achieve their fuedal desires; raising troops or increasing trade or filling the forest with gargoyles or whatever. Think of the Stronghold series of video games were you have to assign workers to a wide range of projects to make the food and supplies needed to build walls and raise armies and such. Still going to nail down something similar for mass combat too, both tactical where units of 50-100 troops of similar kit become single entities and manuever and opposed roll (draw heavily from D6 star wars capitol ship combat for this I think) and strategic level, though I think at the strategic level opposed command rolls would give me the gist of an invasions outcome. So maybe an invasion would begin with opposed command rolls for a general outcome, a tactical level battle using groups of archer/infantry/cavalry similar to a SW-D6 capship battle, and a small adventure for players within that tactical setting similar to the scene/encounter/round break down in star wars where they have at least some influence on the large scale outcome. While sorting these things out i'm also trying to decide the type of campaign setting i want and that i think my players will like, which is hard in terms of balancing everyones expectations with my own, but I think I'm nearly there. I'd love to share my thoughts on that but this IS a creature conversion thread and I do not want to derail it too badly, I'll try to limit further contribution here to statting critters and maybe make a different thread or add to an existing one whose subject is world building or similar, I believe theres one of yours, Grimace, discussing your years of homebrew for D6 from before the release of D6 Fantasy, I may dump my jumbled thoughts there when next I get time. As of now, though, I'm thinking creature conversions are best done on an individual adventure basis, the zombies of the black temple may be very different from the cannibal corpses of dark-light tower for example. Thanks again gentlefolk!
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