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    Sorry folks that was longer than 6 hours, real world can be a pain, got the cars cleaned and a nap so back at it I guess. But yes, I think I am going to steal directly and run a game or two with it, the few screenies I forwarded to the lads have met with approval and they seem eager enough to try it this way. Kenny will be bummed about not getting to use D8 but I may find a way to work it in for him, give his character a luck ability that lets him swap out one of his dice for a D8 on defensive rolls or something. BTW, thats the funky dice part, just the d8, kenny just loves d8...who knew? Doesn't care for the others but maybe the diamond shape rubs his inner gnome the right way or something. Now if I can just keep them from voting me out as dm and drafting Grimace in my place I might make it If I get any monsters or spells converted to dovetail with what Grimace has produced I will come here and share them with you, to be sure. Thanks to Grimace any work in that regard should be roughly in the same format as what you might already be using rather than the frankensystem I almost gave birth to in my second attempt. I can't thank you guys enough really, you've saved me a great deal of work and prep and did it so smooth, elegant, and simple-like w/o need to copy pasta half an edition of D&D to get there. Now that I feel at peace with it I'm going to play a couple hours of skyrim before I do anything else. You guys are the best, wish I had more like you here in the hills and hollers of ole kaintuck, bout have to drive to the nearest campus to find folks in the know game system wise. You have confirmed for me the correctness of a decision I made back when 4e came out, which was to sell off my 3e stuff (still have pdfs) and just buy the d6 fantasy/adventure/space books...I figured they could cover anything I wanted to play just fine and that now appears to be true. I don't think I ever had this problem with starwars, and D6 adventure is the easiest by far to game with because it covers so much, everything from pirates of the carribean to x-men really (wierd war 2 / tales of war anyone?), and other than the old marvel super heroes games and top secret we have no prior frame of reference for non-fantasy non-scifi games. But for some reason D6 Fantasy was harder for me to absorb and make use of as written, I SUSPECT BECAUSE OUR NOTION OF FANTASY WAS PRE-CONCEIVED due to years of playing D&D, and because the writers wanted to make it more of a tool kit to design with rather than a ready to run cart on rails like D&D. You'd think players would appreciate the greater creative freedom that allows rather than whine that it didn't feel like their old conan or dragonlance adventures. The grand total upshot is, I suppose, the ability to have whatever I invent or convert be possibly useful to the rest of you when shared, which it wouldn't if Grimace had not led by example and saved me from giving birth to a franken system. Grimace you are my Daniel Boone buddy, probably doesn't mean much to you but if not for your trail blazing we wouldn't be settling in this verdant valley. Thanks again all, I will return once I resume work on this, maybe put grimaces work in a fancy handout like you've seen me do, but for now I'm totally going to join the stormcloaks just to be the stubborn hilljack that I am. Sure, the Imperials have universal healthcare and a retirement plan, but you and I both know that if the emperor is paying for your healthcare the Thalmor will be having them dictating your diet and exercise on grounds that since they pay for it they have a right to do so in the name of cost control. Death to the damned elves, this is bacon country!
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    I just want to thank you Grimace, after reading through some of the things you did to integrate the systems together, you inspired me for my new conversion approach. I've got all of my notes jotted down, I'm going to take a couple of converted test monsters and report back on if I made my job easier or not.
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    I was thinking that you could learn different subsets. When you learn a spell that could be cast by multiple subsets you just use the one that is highest to cast the spell.
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    Holy WoW, there is a lot of great ideas in this thread. Great work to everyone involved. Now, everyone (especially Durran), get back to work! Obi
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    Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation, that was everything I needed! Me an my players just wanted to play some sessions on vanilla version but it seems, that we need some upgrades right away I was checking only "Rules Upgrade", but didn't touch the "Companion".
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    That way lies madness. Things will become so obfuscated as to potentially lose the fluidity of the D6 system. If you want more crunchy, use the D6 Fantasy book as it is written. And if they want granular advancement, going to levels is NOT the way to get granular. If your players think it is, then they desperately need to play the regular D6 system so they can REALLY see what granular advancement really is.
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    Appreciate those that let me know about the Spammer(s). I deleted their post and restricted their account. Hopefully we do not see more of them. Thanks Magman
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    WEG put out some rules updates and clarifications in the 1st Edition Rules Companion, one thing they worked on was scaling combat. A character scale Thermal Detonator does 10D damage. If you check the damage scale table on 21 of the Rules companion, it shows that your character's ship is Starship Scale. The chart reports that the most that any die can deal in damage is a 2. So, depending on what the damage dice came up with, the most damage that your ship could have taken would be a 20 (10x2). The ship rolls its hull normally and compares the capped thermal detonator damage to the uncapped starship hull's resistance. Then decide damage levels normally.
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