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    Hi all! I'm currently days away from releasing a cross platform app for Android and iOS that lets you manage your OpenD6 characters. I've been working part time on this for fun and plan on releasing it for free sometime this weekend, likely. Here's a quick video showing you the work to date - https://youtu.be/3GGaBId5rp8 The project is open source and the project code is hosted here - https://github.com/sentry0/OpenD6Toolkit Features: Die roller Supports both classic and Legend styles of rolling Statistics are also tracked on your dice Character tools Select a template to build your character from Automatically calculates your point cost Supports the three base genres out of the box (Adventure, Fantasy, Space) Supports all options (Advantages, Complications, Special Abilities) Save/Load/Delete characters Game Templates The app supports custom game templates that may be used to build characters There is a companion project for sharing templates here - https://github.com/sentry0/OpenD6Toolkit-Game-Templates Custom templates means you can support games that use the Mini-6 ruleset easily Future Plans: Embed the full SRD into the app GM tools (campaign log, initiative chart, NPC health tracker) A library of OGL OpenD6 and related games Thanks! Phil
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    Jerry D. Grayson has announced that the new setting book for Mythic D6 will be available as a "pay what you want" (including free) PDF for the next fortnight: Khepera Publishing - Bastion, FREE for Black History Month
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    There is no official tutorial...I'll have to write one For now this will have to do: Go here Copy the file contents into a text editor like Notepad (or Notepad++) Give it a name by editing line 2 Add/Edit/Delete attributes and skills (or anything else for that matter) Save the new template to Google Drive/iCloud or to your phone directly Tap the "Upload" button under the "Templates" section on the home screen Select your template Build your character I can help you with the above if you find yourself running into issues.
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    I always prefer a traditional forum over "modern" social media.
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    Greeting D6 community! Several months ago, I had to abandon the current setup for the forums because of continued hacks into the board. Each time I cleaned up and tried to secured the boards, I failed and the hacks persisted. I didn't give up but did abandon the outdated vbulletin board. I understand there are still many sites out there running this same version 4 of vbulletin without issue. I didn't have the time to dig deep into why my board had so many security issues - obviously, the software can be maintained by those with more of a background to its coding than I. So rather than running in circles, I opted to close it for a time while I decided on the next move. I had no intentions of shutting the board down permanently, but weighed my choices during this lapse. I choose to go with IPB over other forum software I reviewed. A decision I hope the community here can grow to accept and love. Most, if not all, of the background issues of maintaining the security and code of the forum now falls to their support team, rather than me. I am paying for their cloud service, having to worry only about managing the configuration of the boards. In time, when things all settle where they belong, the site should turn along smoothly hopefully with little maintenance.
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    Jerry D. Grayson of Khepera Publishing, creator of D6 POWERS, GODSEND Agenda, HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone, ATLANTIS: The Second Age, and more, has a Kickstarter for a new Open D6 game that uses an update to the D6 Legend system. This is complete game with a setting based on superheroes vs. chthonic entities, but the game is billed as being versatile enough to handle any heroic action adventure genre. It has already far exceeded its funding goal, and Jerry is going crazy with adding on to the packages. I'll highlight two: $20 (Digital only) - PDF of the MYTHIC D6 roleplaying game + All the achieved Stretch Goals in PDF + 5 Godsend Agenda PDFs + one Khepera Publishing PDF of your choice from the HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone or ATLANTIS: The Second Age line! $35 - Print copy of the MYTHIC D6 roleplaying game + everything in the $20 digital package above! I pledged $35. I have already have the entire Hellas line (it's great), but this will complete my Godsend Agenda collection plus get me the core book for the Atlantis game which I totally missed out on except a Free RPG Day giveaway. 20 days remaining!
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    Hello, I'm a french rpg player of 46 years old and I'm searching another light system for a french game that I didn't like the rules. I was searching ressources for D6 system and I found this board, so I'm here :). I hope I can talk with you to learn more from D6 system. Regards.
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    Hey there, You might remember me from this thread. If not that's okay too. Anyways, a friend and I have decided to revive this little project. More news to come, but for now... here's a temporary logo I worked up. Stay tuned as we will be seeking playtesters to help break it and build it back up! Cheers!
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    Hi there, I hope I'm posting this in the right place! I've just started a kickstarter campaign for Exilium, a re-imagining of my 'In Flames' Open D6 roleplaying game which I published a few years ago. Exilium will include the main game and both sourcebooks in one rulebook, with full colour art and a layout by Paul Bourne of The One Ring fame! I'm a big lover of the D6 engine from back int he Start Wars days, and really happy to be able to use it for my own games. Anyway, if anyone's interested please take a look at the kickstarter and spread the word, and any questions, fire away! Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2120854352/exilium-a-science-fiction-roleplaying-game
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    Hi guys, I've been tinkering with the Mini Six 1 Ed SRD for a while. I've attached the finished products for your use. Thank you Ray Nolan and Phil Norris. Out of respect for their property I omitted the Farnsley's Phantasm Investigations and Precinct '77 in their entirety. I know the game mechanics are are OK to include, but chose not to mess with what they have staked out. Enjoy. Mini_Six_SRD_V1dot0_Final.odt Mini_Six_SRD_V1dot0_Final.pdf Mini_Six_SRD_V1dot0_Final.rtf
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    Sorry folks that was longer than 6 hours, real world can be a pain, got the cars cleaned and a nap so back at it I guess. But yes, I think I am going to steal directly and run a game or two with it, the few screenies I forwarded to the lads have met with approval and they seem eager enough to try it this way. Kenny will be bummed about not getting to use D8 but I may find a way to work it in for him, give his character a luck ability that lets him swap out one of his dice for a D8 on defensive rolls or something. BTW, thats the funky dice part, just the d8, kenny just loves d8...who knew? Doesn't care for the others but maybe the diamond shape rubs his inner gnome the right way or something. Now if I can just keep them from voting me out as dm and drafting Grimace in my place I might make it If I get any monsters or spells converted to dovetail with what Grimace has produced I will come here and share them with you, to be sure. Thanks to Grimace any work in that regard should be roughly in the same format as what you might already be using rather than the frankensystem I almost gave birth to in my second attempt. I can't thank you guys enough really, you've saved me a great deal of work and prep and did it so smooth, elegant, and simple-like w/o need to copy pasta half an edition of D&D to get there. Now that I feel at peace with it I'm going to play a couple hours of skyrim before I do anything else. You guys are the best, wish I had more like you here in the hills and hollers of ole kaintuck, bout have to drive to the nearest campus to find folks in the know game system wise. You have confirmed for me the correctness of a decision I made back when 4e came out, which was to sell off my 3e stuff (still have pdfs) and just buy the d6 fantasy/adventure/space books...I figured they could cover anything I wanted to play just fine and that now appears to be true. I don't think I ever had this problem with starwars, and D6 adventure is the easiest by far to game with because it covers so much, everything from pirates of the carribean to x-men really (wierd war 2 / tales of war anyone?), and other than the old marvel super heroes games and top secret we have no prior frame of reference for non-fantasy non-scifi games. But for some reason D6 Fantasy was harder for me to absorb and make use of as written, I SUSPECT BECAUSE OUR NOTION OF FANTASY WAS PRE-CONCEIVED due to years of playing D&D, and because the writers wanted to make it more of a tool kit to design with rather than a ready to run cart on rails like D&D. You'd think players would appreciate the greater creative freedom that allows rather than whine that it didn't feel like their old conan or dragonlance adventures. The grand total upshot is, I suppose, the ability to have whatever I invent or convert be possibly useful to the rest of you when shared, which it wouldn't if Grimace had not led by example and saved me from giving birth to a franken system. Grimace you are my Daniel Boone buddy, probably doesn't mean much to you but if not for your trail blazing we wouldn't be settling in this verdant valley. Thanks again all, I will return once I resume work on this, maybe put grimaces work in a fancy handout like you've seen me do, but for now I'm totally going to join the stormcloaks just to be the stubborn hilljack that I am. Sure, the Imperials have universal healthcare and a retirement plan, but you and I both know that if the emperor is paying for your healthcare the Thalmor will be having them dictating your diet and exercise on grounds that since they pay for it they have a right to do so in the name of cost control. Death to the damned elves, this is bacon country!
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    I just want to thank you Grimace, after reading through some of the things you did to integrate the systems together, you inspired me for my new conversion approach. I've got all of my notes jotted down, I'm going to take a couple of converted test monsters and report back on if I made my job easier or not.
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    I was thinking that you could learn different subsets. When you learn a spell that could be cast by multiple subsets you just use the one that is highest to cast the spell.
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    Holy WoW, there is a lot of great ideas in this thread. Great work to everyone involved. Now, everyone (especially Durran), get back to work! Obi
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    Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation, that was everything I needed! Me an my players just wanted to play some sessions on vanilla version but it seems, that we need some upgrades right away I was checking only "Rules Upgrade", but didn't touch the "Companion".
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    That way lies madness. Things will become so obfuscated as to potentially lose the fluidity of the D6 system. If you want more crunchy, use the D6 Fantasy book as it is written. And if they want granular advancement, going to levels is NOT the way to get granular. If your players think it is, then they desperately need to play the regular D6 system so they can REALLY see what granular advancement really is.
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    Appreciate those that let me know about the Spammer(s). I deleted their post and restricted their account. Hopefully we do not see more of them. Thanks Magman
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    I just pushed an update to the Android/Amazon/Apple app stores for the the 1.1.1 release of the OpenD6 Toolkit. I fixed a couple of bugs and added a bunch of features and upgraded some core development frameworks and libs. Here's what's coming: Fixed various bugs with loading/saving character and templates (iOS) Added the Move attribute to the builder Added the Equipment tab to the builder Added the Background tab to the builder Added the Notes tab to the builder Added a points section to the builder to track character/fate/build and complication points Added a footer to the builder with buttons to create/save/open characters quickly Attributes and skills now have a hidden menu you can access by sliding the name of the item to the right The Initiative tool now allows you auto-sort initiatives The updated app should be rolling out to your devices within the next day or so. Cheers.
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    Hi, I think I'm already in this thread somewhere? At some point the site was changed and my bookmark was buggered so I thought this board was dead. And I haven't worked with d6 in quite a few years, so I never thought to click around to check. Anyway, glad it and you all are still here.
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    I'm currently working on my own distro of openD6. I'm pulling in a bunch of ideas from other open SRDs/Games like; True20 D&D 5e Fantasy Craft A little from Mutants and Masterminds A touch from Mongoose Legend I really believe that the sunsetting of True20, the near non-existence of Unisystem stuff has left a nice hole in the medium-crunch generic RPG arena. Sure, it's a small arena but I really like the enthusiasm of the intimate crowds. It's starting with a solid base of D6 (I love the dice pool, the wild die, the savvy details...). I want to lean more on D&D style combat where more advanced maneuvers will be an option. Without levels and escalating hit-points, I'm confident that borrowing some approaches from d20 will streamline the basic combat system. I want to create both a basic game and a toolkit. The toolkit would support GMs/creators where they can choose what dials or complexity they want, put together a campaign using online tools, and either give the players a ready-to-play booklet or incorporate the chosen elements into a product. The basic game will be focused on ease of learning, fast play and diving right into the action. It would be the Generica Open RPG "players handbook and guide". My hope is to have the underlying layer where GMs/creators can tweak the rules, add in or remove complexity, make templates and design things. Then, you put together a "game" that is tailored to what you want to run/publish. The players don't have to know all the fiddly bits. They make choices, spend some dice to customize and get into the adventure! Are folks here interested in me posting about my design process? I thought it might be fun to watch me wreck your favorite system where you can scold me while I do it. 😄 Also, as I make decisions it would be nice to have some experienced D6 GMs to bounce things off of, in case I'm 'mathing' wrong or heading into 'unplayableness'. Thanks and ciao for now,
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    https://rancorpit.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=157780#157780 In my game, mooks don't have wounded twice or mortally wounded.
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    I try to check back every week or so. I've been playing and running various D6 games for 17 years or so. If I'm able to help, I will!
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    Greetings from Canada! I am wanting to create my first RPG ever after years of playing various games. I've chosen a D6 platform for simplicity in that people can obtain six sided die easily. That said, I've not written a game as of yet. I have a core premise, and a focused topic/player base. I am looking for suggestions on how to start and move towards play testing. What do I need to purchase as far as licensing to use the D6 platform? Can I simply take an open D6 reference and modify it for my game? In short... Hello! Anyone still here? How do I get started creating? :)
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    ooohh.. overlooked that :(( 😉 Thx again, Iam checking to many sources at the same time for info.. seems like I got lost in the woods looking for trees 🙂
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    Indeed.. ..and after I bought it I first wanted to give it an minimum/bed evaluation, however the guy changed a few very minor aspects ..and what´s more important added quiet a few conversions of monsters and many pregenerated spells.. so I chnaged from 1 to 3 out of 5. It is not a new system nor a new approach but saved me a hel lot of time, as I just wanted to start playing. My group liked it .. I do not gain money from adverstising ;-) However, there´s always still a lot of work to do converting premade adventures :-( By the way, I have a question concerning Body Points of monsters: Are they really calculated like PC Body Points. I could understand that for medium huamoid creatures.. how about an ogre? Gargoyle? i know I am the DM and could in- or decrease as I like it, however I´d like to stay as much in line as possible (to the games and the gamers advantage?
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    Someone did a HELL LOT OF WORK.. I bought it and it saved me muuucho work as it is a very nicely done conversion from d20 to d6. Not mainly monsters, but spells, races and others.. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/190833/Open-Fantasy I hope linking it does comply to the forum rules.
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    On the OpenD6 Wikia there is some speculations on what the legalese of the OpenD6 Open Gameing License actually implies, it it helps in any way. It lists all WEG titles released under OGL, and rest of the D6 System. The previously mentioned MiniSix is an example of a game made with the OpenD6 OGL.
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    Interesting concept. I've seen RPG's used for helping to teach languages. I hope the project works out for you.
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    Here is that section from the BreachWorld RPG, a D6 game that uses a variant called Mini Six 1 5. COPYRIGHT NOTICE Open Game License v 1 .0 Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. D6 Adventure (WEG51 011 ), Copyright 2004, Purgatory Publishing Inc. West End Games, WEG, and D6 System are trademarks and properties of Purgatory Publishing Inc. Mini Six Bare Bones Edition, Copyright 2010, AntiPaladin Games. Mini Six, and APG are trademarks and properties of AntiPaladin Games. Breachworld RPG, Copyright 201 4, Jason Richards Publishing. Breachworld is the trademark and property of Jason Richards Publishing. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: Product Identity: The D6 System; the D6 trademarks, the D6 and related logos and any derivative trademarks not specified as Open Game Content are designated as Product Identity (PI) and are properties of Purgatory Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. Product Identity: [In regards to Mini Six Bare Bones Edition,] All text on pages 26, 27, 28, & 29 (except for game mechanics), all artwork, and trade dress are Product Identity (PI) of AntiPaladin Games. The Mini Six and the Mini Six Bare Bones Edition trademarks and related logos and any derivative trademarks are designated as Product Identity (PI) and are properties of AntiPaladin Games. All rights reserved. Product Identity: The Breachworld setting and logo, and all related characters, creatures, places, story, art, trade dress, and concepts other than game mechanics are designated as Product Identity (PI) and are the properties of Jason Richards Publishing. All rights reserved. Open Game Content: All game mechanics and material not covered under Product Identity (PI) above; OpenD6 trademark and OpenD6 logo. ---- so you can modify your own for your own setting and design
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    No that is for that book itself. Using the Open Gaming License under #15 you can indicate what is owned by you and what is open gaming content.
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    We are alive ! Nice you use opend6 for your game. Merry Xmas (from France) !!
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    Over the past month I have been working on a cross platform app called the OpenD6 Toolkit. My intention with the app is to allow people to play OpenD6 games and its variants from a mobile device as well as provide useful tools for players and GMs alike. I’m pleased to report that OpenD6 Toolkit is now available via the following app stores: Google Play Store Apple App Store Amazon App Store The project is open sourced and hosted on github here. Features Die roller Supports both classic and Legend styles of rolling Statistics are also tracked on your dice Character tools Select a template to build your character from Automatically calculates your point cost Supports the three base genres out of the box (Adventure, Fantasy, Space) Supports all options (Advantages, Complications, Special Abilities) Save/Load/Delete characters Game Templates The app supports custom game templates that may be used to build characters There is a companion project for sharing templates here Custom templates means you can support games that use the Mini Six ruleset easily Let me know what you think of the work so far. Thanks! Phil
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    I'm not seeing anything on the Magic/Powers in that link for the version 1.1, did it get done?
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    I'd be willing to help with maybe a minimum contribution financially, but also willing to test Windows and Linux. Sorry I won't be any help with the Mac effort.
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    @rKinson Not necessarily, I just wanted to clarify that I could help with testing, but not financially. When you do set up your Patreon account, share a link here, so we can forward it on!
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    I can also help out with testing, and also use Windows. Unfortunately, funds are extremely limited in my household right now. I'll check back here regularly and see how things are progressing and help out any way that I'm able to.
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    No new content unfortunately, but I've recently revamped the design and structure of my love letter to the Mini Six game system - Mini Six Fanatic! Just sharing 'cause I care
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    Salut et bienvenu ! Je suis français aussi (mais je continue en anglais). Basically, D6 rpg is Star Wars core system (appeared 1987 ? I played first time in '88...), but like GURPS, it became more "generic and universal" with "D6 system" rules. Now it's a totally free system under OGL names OpenD6 since april 2009. You can find all books you need for most game settings there : https://ogc.rpglibrary.org/index.php?title=OpenD6 If you're looking for a simple D6 based system, then i think mini-six is made for you. http://www.antipaladingames.com/p/mini-six.html for orignal version http://www.rune.free.fr/de-roulant/Mini_Six_FR_v1.pdf pour la VF. Enjoy
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    At the time I came across Mini Six, I was looking for something as rules-lite as possible so that I could spend most of the time creating interesting settings/worlds and RPing and less time understanding the rules, explaining the rules, or having rules get in the way of how I envisioned a character or an encounter. This was before I discovered Fate (which solves those same problems in an unexpected way) or gave Savage Worlds a fair shake and it got me back into playing after much too long a hiatus. In other words, it fit my needs as perfectly as I understood them then. Any D6 system is going to let you tinker, and I have certainly done that with Mini Six, but from picking up the rulebook to sitting at a table took next to no time at all (once I found a group, that is) and the games themselves flow very quickly and smoothly, even when players are new (to the system or to RPGs at all). It doesn't get much simpler, less intimidating, or easy to pick up than Mini Six vs any other system I have come across. I guess this is more of a post about why I originally chose Mini Six over any other system, but that idea about picking up a short, easily-digested rulebook with rules boiled down for clarity and ease of use applies to picking Mini Six over other D6 variants also.
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    Sigh, just found a new addiction, fallout: shelter. Has anyone made a D6 Fallout game? I remember seeing any old ones years ago that was % based. Created a spreadsheet to keep track of chars.
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    This is in the Mini Six rulebook
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    Rhysem is a human male in his mid 30s. He has red-brown hair past his shoulders but usually has the back in a 4 strand warrior’s braid. His eyes are a piercing grey as if they can see inside your soul. He is generally in leathers of green and gold, his House colors. His only weapons are that of a knife and bow. He comes from a family of sorcerers of some renown. His magical training is generalized and tailored to the personality of the individual. He has also been trained in war and functions as a diplomat, an officer, a warrior, and healer battle-surgeon. Due to his healer training, he has a personal code of honor when engaged in combat and does not believe in needless-violence.
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    What I'm saying is have something complex is you need it. It will work with Mini Six.
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    I haven't been on the forums here for awhile and I've been used to hanging out in G+ land, so it didn't occur to me to ask here before, so this was originally posted at https://plus.google.com/+ErikAlfkin/posts/fBkbDB3Tb12 Rules hacking time: I'm getting ready to run some Mini Six after spending a goodly amount of time with Fate and Ubiquity (mostly Hollow Earth Expedition) and there are a few concepts from each that I'm considering working into the Mini Six framework. I'm replacing the existing system of Perks and Complications with what are basically Fate Aspects (short phrases used to define interesting things about a character), but done in the Ubiquity style. The player will need to define an Archetype, a Motivation, and a Flaw. These cost no points (as Perks do) but still make things true for the character and the game world, which means that they require GM approval (possibly meaning some back-and-forth between the GM and the player before that approval is given). These also give a clear framework for the character during the rest of the creation process, as well as how that character should be played. For example, an Archetype of "Roguishly Charming Pilot" says quite a bit about the character. When that player puts 4D into Charm, that Charm is more clearly defined (since, in my book, Charm can easily be charisma, beauty, or force of personality). So if the character takes over the bridge during a heated battle, the style of play makes more sense as "Hey, guys, you know I can get you through this," followed by a flash of white teeth and his most winning smile, rather than by barking out orders. That character should also have some kind of piloting skill, of course. A character whose Archetype is "Elven Scout of the Gold Leaf Realm" will have whatever abilities elves of that game world have (dark vision, for example) simply by virtue of being an elf. And an "Unlicensed Wizard, Extraordinaire" will have spellcasting ability (as well as an some kind of built-in conflict with the magical establishment, by virtue of being unlicensed). I know this makes characters more powerful than the stock Mini Six system, but this works for me because I hate seeing the beginning skills hamstrung by choosing some cool Perks. And I tend to switch games every few months, so characters don't get as much chance for advancement as they would with a longer game. I am curious to know if anyone has an opinion about this kind of shift in character power levels. Motivation should say something about what drives the character, and I find having such a thing really helps get new games off the ground by establishing character personalities pretty quickly. They can be general motivations, like "I want all the gold!" or a bit more complex, like "The shame of being dismissed from the King's service still stings" And Flaws are basically a reworking of Complications, except that there is only one instead of being open to two, and they do not provide additional CP at the end of a session (more about that below). To further tie these traits into the character, Hero Points would be given out to players who find ways to roleplay these motivations and flaws (or the GM finds ways to bring them up in the game), similar to how Style Chips or Fate Points work in Ubiquity and Fate. I'm debating about leaving the spending of Hero Points the same, or specifying that the +6 to a roll must somehow tie back into the Archetype, Motivation, or Flaw. I'm really curious to know what folks think of these ideas. Good, bad, indifferent. Any suggested tweaks? Any glaring flaws I'm overlooking? Any cool uses for this that I haven't thought of? Any way the players could make this go horribly awry? A few extra ideas: Any Aspect outside of the three that make up a character will exist but won't need to be explicitly written out as such, as they are in Fate. This affects a few of the things that follow. Spending a Hero Point requires some explanation on how it fits into the narrative. For example, buying down damage can be because the Quick Thief managed to dodge at the last moment or because the attacker had a Wound (an arrow in the shoulder) that threw off his aim. Preparatory work (what would be Creating an Advantage in Fate) can gain a +2D on a following roll, as can someone making a roll to assist. These make Aspects that, as mentioned above, don't need to be explicitly spelled out. They can certainly be used as justification for spending a Hero Point later on. ("Remember how I built that programmable robot arm to help me push the fire alarm while I was elsewhere? Well, because it's near the current fight, I'm using it to grab this guy's ankle from behind, distracting him and giving me a +6 to my attack. Here's my HP.") The final skill list I developed looks an awful lot like the one out of Hollow Earth Expedition. Not exactly the same, but heavily inspired by it. I'll post the full list once I write up all my changes as a unified document. One important note is that I have only Fight, Shoot, and Athletics to cover all fighting skills. Block and Parry will have the same value, barring Specializations (which I am a little nervous about allowing for fighting skills). I'm inclined to make Specialization only a +2D instead of a +3D, but on top of the Skill when first taken instead of the Attribute. So Charm of 4D, Persuasion of 1D, and a Specialization of Intimidation makes for a 7D, but also uses up 2 of 7 skill dice for character creation. Raising Persuasion to 1D+1 later on does nothing to Intimidation; that would have to be raised separately. If the base skill is not taken, the Specialization just adds to the base Attribute (4D Charm and 6D Intimidation in the above example). I need to play around a little with various builds and advancement combos before I'm set on this one. I'm considering a static initiative of Agility rating x3 plus pips. Adding in a dash of Savage Worlds, mooks go down (or just plain leave the fight) once they suffer a Wound. I also want to test out the idea of a separate Stun vs Wound track (similar to Savage Worlds Wounds vs Fatigue counters) because it is so helpful with things like nonlethal attacks and environmental damage. I may play it each way for a time to see how it affects things. I might also use bonuses and penalties to mimic common knowledge rolls, or I may just leave that to roleplay. I'll likely have the players define two current and/or impending issues for the setting, as well as a few faces and places, as done in Fate Core.
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    Right now I have one message in my inbox to one user. If i attempt to send a 2nd message to another user, I get a message that my inbox is full.
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    Just let me know and I will setup a forum for you. Is simple as that.
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    Working on a setting that is like 3 or 4 generations after a collapse of a federated group of planets (20-30) that had different governments and such. Some planets lost civilization others didn't. The can range from space tech to stone age. They may have magic and/or psionics, or have lost the knowledge. I am working on the magic/psionics systems. Then realized I needed to work on char creation. Then realized I need to work on traits(race stuff) and advantages/disadvantages. Sigh, keeps snowballing.
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    Good to see this back up and running! Thanks Magman!
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    You definitely don't need to get into an ever increasing hit point things with Body Points. Roll once at character creation, keep that for the rest of the game. For my fantasy game, I had the following: Roll Constitution and add 20. That's it. One roll, and that's the total Body Points the character will have. The only way for the Body Points to raise up would be to increase the attribute Constitution. And since that is 10x the number in front of the D, that's not going to happen all that often. Someone at 3D+1 would need to spend 30 Character Points to increase that to 3D+2. That's an increase of 1 pip, which would increase the Body Points of the character by 1 whole number. If you're giving out so many Character Points that people are raising attributes quickly, then you have an issue with the rewards you are offering. So a person rolls 3D+1 (say then get an 11) and add 20. That gives them a total of 31 Body Points. That means when they take 1-3 damage, they are "Scratched" (no real harm done) When they take 4 - 8 damage, they are "Wounded" (-1D) When they take 9-17 damage, they are "Badly Wounded" (-2D) When they take 18-24 damage they are "Incapacitated" When they take 25-31 damage they are "Mortally Wounded" If the player managed to boost the Constitution attribute by 1 pip, that would give the character 32 Body Points, and would add on to the very bottom row (it becomes 25-32). Not a big ordeal, really. And in terms of weapon damage, a modern 9mm, such as the M-9, would be better at 3D+1. 5.56mm weapons would be in the range of 5D+1 damage. 7.62mm weapons would be in the 6D+1 range for damage. (When I'm looking at the D6 Adventure weapons, they are looking fair in that regard, so maybe I'm remembering some other weapons)
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