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    You three are it. anlarye, kytross, netjedi As soon as I get chars we can start.
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  4. game ooc

    that works I get full sheet, then there is a public sheet posted.
  5. game ooc

    OK, I will review my character and submit to you the actual character sheet and if anything is intended to be hidden so You have the complete picture.
  6. Characters

    When I okay the char. post here.
  7. game ooc

    That is a good question. It depends on if you want something hidden from the other players. At minimum you should have a physical description. will talk to all players first. One has a ship and you are the only two that have submitted characters.
  8. game ooc

    Okay, I'm here. Automated registration worked like a charm. Are we posting our characters for all to see or forwarding them to you
  9. Sith Temple, act 1

    Out on the outer rim.
  10. game ooc

    this is for rules technical discussions
  11. Sith Temple discussion

    The home of talk about the adventure.
  12. Yeah, it's definitely something to really consider!
  13. * Introduce Yourself *

    Salut et bienvenu ! Je suis français aussi (mais je continue en anglais). Basically, D6 rpg is Star Wars core system (appeared 1987 ? I played first time in '88...), but like GURPS, it became more "generic and universal" with "D6 system" rules. Now it's a totally free system under OGL names OpenD6 since april 2009. You can find all books you need for most game settings there : https://ogc.rpglibrary.org/index.php?title=OpenD6 If you're looking for a simple D6 based system, then i think mini-six is made for you. http://www.antipaladingames.com/p/mini-six.html for orignal version http://www.rune.free.fr/de-roulant/Mini_Six_FR_v1.pdf pour la VF. Enjoy
  14. * Introduce Yourself *

    Hello, I'm a french rpg player of 46 years old and I'm searching another light system for a french game that I didn't like the rules. I was searching ressources for D6 system and I found this board, so I'm here :). I hope I can talk with you to learn more from D6 system. Regards.
  15. Breachworld featuring the use of Mini6

    Cool, thanks for your answer.
  16. Breachworld featuring the use of Mini6

    At the time I came across Mini Six, I was looking for something as rules-lite as possible so that I could spend most of the time creating interesting settings/worlds and RPing and less time understanding the rules, explaining the rules, or having rules get in the way of how I envisioned a character or an encounter. This was before I discovered Fate (which solves those same problems in an unexpected way) or gave Savage Worlds a fair shake and it got me back into playing after much too long a hiatus. In other words, it fit my needs as perfectly as I understood them then. Any D6 system is going to let you tinker, and I have certainly done that with Mini Six, but from picking up the rulebook to sitting at a table took next to no time at all (once I found a group, that is) and the games themselves flow very quickly and smoothly, even when players are new (to the system or to RPGs at all). It doesn't get much simpler, less intimidating, or easy to pick up than Mini Six vs any other system I have come across. I guess this is more of a post about why I originally chose Mini Six over any other system, but that idea about picking up a short, easily-digested rulebook with rules boiled down for clarity and ease of use applies to picking Mini Six over other D6 variants also.
  17. Breachworld featuring the use of Mini6

    Hi MysticMoon, I'm currently diving into the D6 system and I lurk at the different games which use this system. May I ask you why you choose the Mini-Six and not the full D6 system ?
  18. Fantasy Flight Games have announced a 30th anniversary printing of the original WEG Star Wars in a two volume slipcase set.
  19. Cyberhands

    A friend was building a character recently, and was looking at Cyberhands (Tharkold list). The hands, like all cyberlimbs offer a Strength bonus. It occurs to me, wouldn't cyberhands make more sense to be Dexterity bonus? Or is it required that a STR+3 arm have a STR+3 hand in order to have a STR+3 grip?
  20. Chat room

    Used to hang out there years ago.
  21. Chat room

    Here is a chat room that can be used for those interested: http://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.otherworlders.org/d6
  22. Testing

    New digs look good! --Ron--
  23. Aka and Coar

    The three alignments of the Space Gods were confusing and contradictory. Example: According to the Clerics SB greed is an aspect of Coar, as it is of the Nameless One and a passion. But according to the Space Gods Realmbook it is a selfish trait and an aspect of Aka - as evidenced by the fact that servants of the Kanawa Corporation, compelled by the Law of Profit, are Aka. I am seeking to revise Aka and Coar (Zinatt as the middle ground seems all right as is) for my Star Sphere Cosmbook. I want to define Aka is self over all, with it's exemplars being masters of mental pursuits, while baser Aka are driven merely by selfishness. Coar in its lowest form is about destruction; but it is also about the group. Exemplars guide the group to use each member to the fullest and best achieve the goals of the group. Pure Communism is a form of Coar. Thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
  24. Sorry, wasn't clear: I'm just making sure I'm doing the math right and that I'm correctly understanding how those three aspects interact to come up with the correct Modifier total. Given what I did, is 52 the correct Modifier cost? When I'm actually trying to create a spell I'll probably do something different (and simpler). Thanks!
  25. I think you're right, your spell is very powerful with that change target. Why don't you go for a large area spell ?
  26. Hi folks! New to the forums and new-ish to the D6 system. (I played WEG's Star Wars a long time ago.) I'm starting a fantasy campaign up and decided to use d6 Fantasy for the ruleset. It looks like it's in my Goldilocks zone between crunchy and hand-wavey. I expect this will be the first in a multitude of questions. Probably best if I just give an example: If I'm creating a spell with Area Affect (2D Circle, 2 meter Radius), Change Target of 2 Targets, and Multi-Targets of 3 targets, would the cost be: Area Affect = 4 (1 per 0.5 meters) Change Target = 30 (5 per target * 2 changes * 3 multi-targets) Multi-Target = 18 (6 per Target because of Area Effect) For a total modifier of 52? (Not that I have any idea why I'd make such a spell offhand, just making sure I've got the numbers crunching correctly.) If not, where did I screw up? Aside: Is there a spreadsheet/web-page out there that's a comprehensive spell builder? I'm making one right now but I figure I could save myself some time if I just nabbed one from elsewhere. Thanks for your help!
  27. Fantasy in D6 - explain it to me

    Sorry for raising this thread from the abyss, but those links seems to be dead, even after some research. Can someone give me good links ? TIA.
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