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  3. another magic system (first draft)

    Hi, Almost, i've had a lot of stuff outside rpg to do...
  4. The Batman

    Well, it was posted in 2009.
  5. The Batman

    Where did the pdf go? Nowhere to be found...
  6. Bringing back D6 Online

    Back online here? I'll have to tool around a bit! --Ron--
  7. Bringing back D6 Online

    Great to have the forum!
  8. another magic system (first draft)

    Just checking to see if this was ready yet to be viewed
  9. materials health ?

    Thanks to both of you. I've found similar rules in Fantasy too, well hidden page 69. The "main" difference is it needs 10 pts above damage resistance to severely damage objects.
  10. materials health ?

    Thanks anlarye for the save. I have great memory for concepts, when I am not confusing diffrent systems, but not for specifics.
  11. materials health ?

    Good memory there Savar for being without your books. I do have mine however. In D6 Adventures it gives the following examples for object toughness Object Construction Toughness Flimsy (plywood door) 1D Tough (hard wooden door, most guns) 2D Sturdy (bolted steel door, personal safe) 3D Very sturdy (a few layers of steel) 4D Reinforced (numerous layers of steel) 6D If the attempt is successful, compare the skill total with the object’s damage resistance total (its Toughness modified by size, thickness, flaws, supports, etc.). Items that take at least 13 points above their damage resistance total are severely damaged, if not destroyed. Items taking less than that are weakened, and another attempt may be made (with the object having a reduced damage resistance total and possibly other problems). Toughness is an ojects Physique. Body Points: If your gamemaster is using this characteristic, roll your character’s Physique and add 20 to the total.
  12. materials health ?

    I think so, I am away from my books so couldn't look up the rule. I just knew there was a conversion that you could just substitute .
  13. materials health ?

    Do you mean material body strength as Physique, adding 20 to the roll ?
  14. materials health ?

    Use the hit point calculations but use the resistance dice as body dice.
  15. materials health ?

    As i'm using hp for creatures and not "wound" levels, how much hp would you give to materials ? I still keep dices as strength as in SW reup. TIA
  16. materials health ?

    Thank you, i look at that
  17. materials health ?

    here are some examples from the REUP Star Wars rule book Sample Protection Body Strength Flimsy wooden door 1D Standard wooden door 2D Standard metal door 3D Reinforced door 4D Blast door 6D This is on page 94 of that book.
  18. materials health ?

    Hi and merry xmas I'm looking for simple rules for materials health : how many hp has a wood slab, a sword, an iron bar, a 1 meter thick wall, etc. Someone use this kind of rules ? Thanks in advance.
  19. Theory on the new Realm Books

    The previews for the Living Land have revealed that the book will include a section on Merretika/The Land Below. This has me thinking, might there be a related realm/cosm section in each realm book? (Note: I am assuming the books will include sections on the home cosm - Takta Ker, Aysle, Magna Verita, Khem, Tharkold, [Gokuraku? Marketplace? whatever the new name will be], Gaea.) My theories: Cyberpapacy - The GodNet. This seems almost certain to me, since it is a needed section in any event. Nile Empire - Terra. In the realm preview video, it was promised that Rocket Rangers would be returning. Orrorsh - Tz'Ravok. There were other possibilities that occurred to me, but Ravagons are going to be around, and their home cosm would be a useful detail. Total wild guesses: Aysle - Star Sphere (If you know what it is, you know why), Tharkold - Kadandra (or maybe just the Grid). No Clue: Pan-Pacifica - the replacement for Nippon-Tech is so different, I'm not sure what the plan is for it. (Though I suspect the Miracle of Sacramento is still coming.)
  20. D6 character creation tool

    Hi Mavelic, Yes, it is definitely lacking some functionality still. I don't have a specific translation thing built-in, but good point, as soon as I have something I'll ping you for translations! Fritz
  21. D6 character creation tool

    Very nice ! It needs some function (like reset points) but it is a very good start. I can translate in french all skills, adv, etc. names. Tell me what kind of file you need.
  22. game ooc

    Limbo, one player that was posting regularly had a life change.
  23. Hi All Something I’ve been working on: http://fritzvd.com/d6-rpg/ A little tool to help start out your character based on creation points. I would still need to add Advantages/Disadvantages and Special Abilities. But it’s a start. The only type of game with a full skill list is the fantasy one . This helped my new d6 fantasy group to get started. Curious to hear what you think fritz
  24. game ooc

    I haven't seen any posts for over a month. Is everyone that busy or is the game in limbo?
  25. Stormglass links

    weird. try this? I didn't even move anything this time! http://www.nerdron.com/2017/10/stormglass-links.html google drive direct download links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7_o18Qz80iaYVRrWXpNTHc5bE0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7_o18Qz80iaeVVadGYyRUFDTU0
  26. Stormglass links

    You must have moved it again, as when I follow the link, it shows "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."
  27. Machine guns

    Thank you for the feedback. Pick one target, make attack roll. Test roll against all targets within 2 meters of the primary target?
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