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  2. Interesting. I look forward to really looking over these when I get a few moments of peace. My family is post-move; everything is still in boxes and we don't have reliable internet, I'm using my phone as a hotspot to check in on my various forums. Feel free to muse here whenever you like, I haven't looked into 5th edition D&D yet, so most of my converted material is from 3.x.
  3. https://ibb.co/gZfnGmc https://ibb.co/vhTCdRd https://ibb.co/6Wvqkjd sorry forgot to add these and your edit button does not seem to work for me or I would have done this all in one post.
  4. Right, sorry for the multi post, was fighting with getting those screenies made available. Chaotic aligned DM who is poor at organization but big on mountain dew. Anyway, here is my take. I set out to play D&D but with D6 system because I've grown to despise hit points and loved the wounding system in D6 starwars, as well as the the opposed roll/result point method of adjudication inherent or implied in the system. I bought the D6 fantasy space adventure line to compare to my D6 starwars game in order to "see" the mods made to adapt the system to each genre, then emulate that technique it in adapting D6 Fantasy to a specific game/setting, that of D&D Forgotten Realms set in the Empire of Netheril in the distant past. So, I started by changing the D6 fantasy ability scores to simply Vitality, Agility, Knowledge, and Perception. I have not truly settled on ability score generation but generally want the same 1D-5D starting scores you've come to expect. I then went through all my books from every game to make the relevant skill lists and tried as a proof of concept to list at least 10 for each score. The "Attribute Derived skill Bonus" chart is an idea I stole from the fine folks over at the rancor pit, using it for example for skill synergies like dodge/acrobat (one provides a bonus to the other if there is any overlap, so backflipping out of the way when dodging is a dodge with an acrobat skill derived bonus, the same could be said maybe as a potential warrior class feature with fortitude/vitality on resisting effects like psionic blast from mind flayer or what have you). Instead of character points/force points or character points/fate points, I went with mana and experience points though mechanically they are pretty much the same, you spend experience (character points) to increase skills or maybe purchase special abilities. Initially I had intended to have only 3 classes, warrior wizard & wanderer, but after reading the net yesterday I felt that maybe all the actual d&d classes could be done, say four core classes with paladins and druids and the like being templates. This means tinkering wanderer some more to make it rogue, and cutting a balance between warrior and wizard to make cleric. My intention for magic was to straight convert 5e spells as much as possible; levels 1-3 would be level one in D6, 4-6 would be level two, 7-9 would be level three. With what I've got written coupled with my established understanding of D6/starwars system, they seem to read like a very easy conversion with some caveats. Arcanum Gathering die code is the answer to most questions of "how many people can you effect, how many 5 foot squares from each other" while Arcanum Focus does the same for "what do you roll against their perception or vitality to see if they are effected". Arcanum Craft serves this end too in questions of "how hard is it to counterspell/interrupt/dispell/banish" etc. With what I have written so far a mage (Bargle) with 5D in each of the three arcanum skills can have 15 mana and prepare 5 spells. He could cast 15 level one spells (or other combinations) even if he has none prepared. Lets say he prepares 2 level one spells as consumable wax medallions, scrolls, or potions, his mana cap is now 11 until those are cast and those points are returned to both his cap and current pool. He could prepare 1 level one spell as 3rd lvl by binding it to a non-consumable talisman or whatever, and cast that spell forever (only cost being the 3 point penalty to his mana cap) so long as he retains the item. The advantage to spell prep would be this ability to have some spells work even without active right-now expenditure of mana, and of course being able to cast multiple spells in a round as action rather than full-round action. So long as damage/effect-resist is tempered to the harsher D6 climate the spell conversions, unless I fail to see something, should go pretty smoothly. Present question for me is the cleric and rogue possibilities, and this may require a re-think of how I handled "cross-class" skills, ie, giving the warrior weapon groups while others must do weapon types, making arcanum skills advanced skills for non-wizards. Without a huge skill list players need experience point sinks, making magic items is one but falls more on wizards, special abilities/powers such as a paladins mount I had thought could serve as xp sink too if it is unlockable only through purchase. I had not gotten to monsters yet, because I was doing all the rest of this mess, but I will have to eventually and so I've stumbled upon your thread here to garner what I can and I'd thought I'd contribute what I already have accrued for your use as well. I am curious to see further thoughts on the prospect of recasting D&D within the frame work of D6.
  5. I've been doing this project too, roughly (converting d&d to D6) for a while now as spare time permits, just recently after a few months break got back into doing so. I have not got to monsters yet, as I've started at the beginning. If I could just post screens of what I got it would simplify things and maybe help you some. https://ibb.co/2jxGnyG https://ibb.co/YRyhx0q https://ibb.co/LNPWMTt https://ibb.co/3RVGP62 https://ibb.co/XbzLsK1
  6. Hey @barrataria! Hope all is well, always good to see you on any forums. --Ron--
  7. It looks like the email you used for the account has also changed, meaning you are still in the "awaiting email confirmation", barrataria. But hey, welcome back!
  8. Hi, I think I'm already in this thread somewhere? At some point the site was changed and my bookmark was buggered so I thought this board was dead. And I haven't worked with d6 in quite a few years, so I never thought to click around to check. Anyway, glad it and you all are still here.
  9. Hi old friends, I haven't done anything with d6 in a long time, but I had converted to static defense numbers and damage soak values in an effort to eliminate repeated dice rolls, and it worked fine. I think the last time I ran I used soak rolls, but kept the static defenses and that worked fine too. I also like having less to track in an encounter, i.e. dodge rolls. I did allow a "full dodge" roll if a player wanted to use that as their only action in a round. My players don't have a ton of experience with d6 so I didn't have the problem Grimace cited.
  10. Not certain, but there's a good chance it was noticed late in the process, so instead of re-doing their entire column, they just printed an overlay and stuck in on, thus giving it that look when it was printed.
  11. For mooks, I typically go with "Stunned, Wounded, Incapacitated, Dead". So 4 steps, but with narrower bands in each compared to a PC. So it would be something like this: 1-2 over = Stunned 3-5 over = Wounded 6-10 over = Incapacitated 11+ over = Dead. But those number are a floating target, as a common thug might have something like above, but an NPC Bouncer might add +1 to every level to make them a little beefier. 1-3, 4-6, 7-11, 12+ And NPC Elite Guardsmen might have +2 over that. 1-5, 6-8, 9-13, 14+
  12. I am definitely into "opposed rolls", especially when it comes to resisting damage. So dodging, resisting damage, anything that helps protect the player characters against character death, I found it better to NOT take that away from the players. My players have griped about just having a set number, with nothing they can do, to stop the damage.
  13. Interesting. It looks like a portion of it is very similar to what I went with for a "generic" D6 system. Damage types is one that I used, though I didn't go to the level of detail you went to. I also had a sort of "weapon tech" level. Looks like a good start.
  14. https://rancorpit.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=157780#157780 In my game, mooks don't have wounded twice or mortally wounded.
  15. Upon further reflection, I feel like having dead take up a wound level makes sense, otherwise you're really limiting how "limited" the target it. So, if we include Dead, it would look like: 1-3 = Mortally Wounded 4+ = Dead Right?
  16. My first thoughts are to not include "Dead" as a wound level, that is the result of rolling higher than your table. So, I'm thinking that perhaps we'd count down from dead, so a mook with 2 wound levels gets: 1-3 = Incapacitated 4-8 = Mortally Wounded 9+ = Dead Would this be how you guys would handle it?
  17. So, I had a question about fewer wound levels, which is an option presented in the OD6 books. Which wound levels make the most sense to give mook NPCs? Do you start at the top of the list meaning Dead always counts as 1 wound level, or would you start at Mortally Wounded and work your way down? Or do you do Wounded, then skip Incapacitated and Mortally wounded then jump to dead? Also, how would you make a table for such results in combat. They give pretty clear direction on how to work it using the body point system, but less so with the straight wound system.
  18. I prefer opposed rolls, mostly from the mindset that the target is actually trying to avoid being hit or succumbing to whatever their aggressor is doing. Static defense totals, to me, paint a picture of people standing around twiddling their thumbs while their opponent attacks them.
  19. I'll see about taking a peek at it this evening!
  20. I was thinking of moving to static target numbers for defense. However, the way difficulties work in standard D6 I'm not sure that's mechanically "sound". What do people here prefer (in general), opposed rolls or static target numbers?
  21. Here are my notes and designs thus far. May make some sense in places and hardly in others. 😄 Let me know if you have any questions. Should be able to get more design time in over the next couple days and certainly this weekend. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EhygS7c1lndsFbzn4w7d-QhU6j_OKrUl?usp=sharing
  22. I try to check back every week or so. I've been playing and running various D6 games for 17 years or so. If I'm able to help, I will!
  23. I'm currently working on my own distro of openD6. I'm pulling in a bunch of ideas from other open SRDs/Games like; True20 D&D 5e Fantasy Craft A little from Mutants and Masterminds A touch from Mongoose Legend I really believe that the sunsetting of True20, the near non-existence of Unisystem stuff has left a nice hole in the medium-crunch generic RPG arena. Sure, it's a small arena but I really like the enthusiasm of the intimate crowds. It's starting with a solid base of D6 (I love the dice pool, the wild die, the savvy details...). I want to lean more on D&D style combat where more advanced maneuvers will be an option. Without levels and escalating hit-points, I'm confident that borrowing some approaches from d20 will streamline the basic combat system. I want to create both a basic game and a toolkit. The toolkit would support GMs/creators where they can choose what dials or complexity they want, put together a campaign using online tools, and either give the players a ready-to-play booklet or incorporate the chosen elements into a product. The basic game will be focused on ease of learning, fast play and diving right into the action. It would be the Generica Open RPG "players handbook and guide". My hope is to have the underlying layer where GMs/creators can tweak the rules, add in or remove complexity, make templates and design things. Then, you put together a "game" that is tailored to what you want to run/publish. The players don't have to know all the fiddly bits. They make choices, spend some dice to customize and get into the adventure! Are folks here interested in me posting about my design process? I thought it might be fun to watch me wreck your favorite system where you can scold me while I do it. 😄 Also, as I make decisions it would be nice to have some experienced D6 GMs to bounce things off of, in case I'm 'mathing' wrong or heading into 'unplayableness'. Thanks and ciao for now,
  24. I was formatting this in the process of my work last night, and noticed something odd... For the "ones", instead of a '4' and a '6', there is a '3.5' and a '5'. I noticed in the fantasy book (under spells) that it appears to have been "photoshopped" or modified somehow (there's a slight discoloration to those entries...). Anyone have any experience or know of any reasons why this was changed from the rest of the logarithmic pattern? I did some spot conversions, and the '4' '6' entries would work as well as the rest.
  25. In process... Thus far, it's not too bad. It's my labor of love with a ton of "this is how I want my game to work" tossed in for good measure. 😄
  26. I think Critical Bits uses a d6 system, Masks? It's here: https://www.criticalbitcast.com/ Falling Star is a Star Wars d6 podcast, there's a bunch of actual play in there too: https://swfallingstar.podbean.com/ Shooting Womp Rats is also Star Wars, but it is defunct, and seems impossible to find all the episodes, here's your best bet (I think 2 or 3 episodes are on iTunes too): http://d6holocron.com/shootingwomprats/page/3/?s=podcast Open d6 Actual play podcast: https://bonethrowerstheater.com/ Pretty sure this one is a d6 too, but they go for comedy moreso than anything, and it isn't all actual play: https://starfallrpg.jackmonkeygames.com/index.php/tag/star-fall-rpg-podcast/ Hopefully those help, and good luck! --Ron--
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