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  2. I thought that was going to be the answer but sometimes podcasts aren't listed in the major podcasting venues.
  3. I think if there would existed any active podcasts dedicated to the D6 system, they would have been mentioned here or on the other D6/OpenD6 communities like MeWe, reddit or back in the G+ community. So my guess is that the answer is "No", with very high likelihood. Actually I'm not aware of any D6 podcast, but there could very well exist some, but likely would be hard to find if they haven't been referenced in a long time. There are some older ones mention here on D6Online
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  5. Anyone know of any active podcasts for the D6 system?
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  7. I'm a kickstarter backer for that project. So I will be keeping a close eye on it. Of course they wont be able to do anything with Star Wars without permission from Disney.
  8. I made a small test module with the main core mechanics. I found that people who at first claimed to be interested simple were not. So this project is on the back burner. I'll continue to work it, but in to new ideas.
  9. Thank you, I'll keep people posted. K
  10. Wow. The game sounds very interesting! Good luck, --Ron--
  11. Hi, I'm a long time wargamer and roleplayer. Started with D&D, Tunnels and Trolls, Traveller, AD&D, Gamma World and then Call of Cthulhu, which is still my favourite. I'm currently developing my own game which initially uses my own system called GOYA, which is like live action in your front room, but as we're not getting any younger, people wanted to able to sit down for some of the game so I set about researching a quick simple rules system. I went through a lot, but ended up finding AntiPaladin's Mini 6 rules and then Open D6, so I've adapted them for the sitting down part of my game. I hope to publish Tripped Out Psychotic Time Agents (TOPTA) later this year. I'm mainly completing the scenarios which will be bundled with the rules and background information. Hopefully I will get some of you guys interested at some point. Here is the current front page...
  12. Really nice work, thank you.
  13. The link just goes to another link about your event schedule.. not to "higher resolution photos and descriptions" as you stated. These are some great models and I'm glad you shared them. Would love to see what the link was intended to share.
  14. Yes, it will be interesting to see what they come up with. Hopefully it comes out in retail for greater visibility.
  15. Jerry D. Grayson has announced that the new setting book for Mythic D6 will be available as a "pay what you want" (including free) PDF for the next fortnight: Khepera Publishing - Bastion, FREE for Black History Month
  16. You guys might want to look at this. It's good news.
  17. Those are really neat! Great to see some of these early designs and see the subtle changes that were made to the final product (or rather significant changes!). It's a shame the T-16 didn't make it into the finished movie as more than a prop used by Luke. Thanks for sharing!
  18. Happy to help, made me double check that I had converted it over. Spell resistance is an ability that is pretty potent when ported over, on the weak end it adds a bit of difficulty, but against heavy hitting endgame monsters it'll likely end up making casting the powerful spells you need very tough since the difficulty to cast a high level spell should be pretty difficult. +14 to the difficulty is a huge difficulty boost.
  19. Hello everyone. My name is Colin Cantwell. I conceptualized and modeled the ships for the first Star Wars film. At the behest of fans, I am letting these four decade old photos see the light of day. Most were taken in my backyard in 1975 after kitbashing the pre-production models for the the X-Wing, TIE, Death Star, and others. Kitbashing is a method of model building that myself and a few others pioneered in the early 70's. Essentially, you take pieces from cannibalized model kits (cars, planes, trains, etc...) as well as shapes from around the office and house. Look closely and you will see pill bottle engines and Easter egg fuel tanks. Most of these ships would be used with only minor modification. The exception is the Falcon, which was scrapped at the last moment due to its similarity to the recently released "Eagle" from Space 1999. My Sand Crawler design would also be replaced by Ralph's. All of these designs are original, although I did work closely with Ralph in the early days of the project (what a genius!). I hope you enjoy them. If you would like to learn more, follow me on social media or take a look at my Reddit "AMA's". You can also see higher resolution photos and descriptions on my website www.cantwellcollection.com/models.html
  20. ooohh.. overlooked that :(( 😉 Thx again, Iam checking to many sources at the same time for info.. seems like I got lost in the woods looking for trees 🙂
  21. I have a section for Spell resistance in my conversion guidelines. It essentially gives a penalty to the caster's skill check to target them with harmful spells.
  22. Hi again.. Being occupied doing quiet a lot of converting and re-editing PFRPG adventures for my D6-Group. Obviously with some succes as they keep on turning up to gamesessions (i hope it´s not the free drinks). I am currently thinking fo a way to include the meta of Spell Resistance.. Does anyone already have an idea or suggestions? Thx
  23. Page 122 of the D6 Fantasy book talks about assigning body points to NPCs: On page 141, it mentions that only armor and other defense modifiers are subtracted from damage when using the Body Point system, so that's the big spot where scale will be accounted for. Scale will subtract from damage before being ticked off of their Body Points. Lastly, to answer your question for how many BPs an Ogre should have, Page 127 has a few sample monsters and such. A giant has 26 BPs and a Scale of 6, so I would imagine that an Ogre would be right around there, maybe a little smaller scale and fewer BPs. In the D6 Fantasy Creatures book, they have a Gargoyle in there, which is suggested at slightly smaller than human sized scale (0-3), and 18 Body Points. YMMV
  24. Indeed.. ..and after I bought it I first wanted to give it an minimum/bed evaluation, however the guy changed a few very minor aspects ..and what´s more important added quiet a few conversions of monsters and many pregenerated spells.. so I chnaged from 1 to 3 out of 5. It is not a new system nor a new approach but saved me a hel lot of time, as I just wanted to start playing. My group liked it .. I do not gain money from adverstising ;-) However, there´s always still a lot of work to do converting premade adventures :-( By the way, I have a question concerning Body Points of monsters: Are they really calculated like PC Body Points. I could understand that for medium huamoid creatures.. how about an ogre? Gargoyle? i know I am the DM and could in- or decrease as I like it, however I´d like to stay as much in line as possible (to the games and the gamers advantage?
  25. Looked at the full preview. Looked like a carbon copy of D6 Fantasy from the few pages they show off, with different artwork.
  26. Someone did a HELL LOT OF WORK.. I bought it and it saved me muuucho work as it is a very nicely done conversion from d20 to d6. Not mainly monsters, but spells, races and others.. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/190833/Open-Fantasy I hope linking it does comply to the forum rules.
  27. Hello, I adapted a character sheet from https://github.com/Roll20/roll20-character-sheets/tree/master/Star Wars 30th Anniversary Edition to my game of Godsend Agenda. the files are attached. godsendagendad6charactersheetroll20.txt godsendagendad6charactersheetroll20_css.txt
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