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Thread: Official News on a New Torg

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    Default Official News on a New Torg

    From Ulisses Spiele, the current owner of the Torg IP, an announcement about the future of the license:

    Yeah, they speak German, so here it is in English (via Google Translate):

    TORG - the war continues!

    It's been a while since Ulisses Games has purchased the rights to TORG and rightly we are asked again and again what it is now.

    First of all, there is a good news for the fans of the old game: We now have numerous TORG products as PDFs in our eBook store. Who (new or worn-out) so would like to buy Out of Print, this has the chance now.

    But of course we want to get TORG also with a great relaunch back into life, and wherever possible, are international and not only as a role play. We just roll with Kooperatonspartnern ideas and possibilities (pun intended). Towards the middle of the year we want to be as far as we can tell you the details. And then you can show the high lords soon again, that the Earth is struck not so fast.

    (I think "Kooperatonspartnern" means "corporate partners" or "business partners", but I can't tell.)

    A German fan, over on the Google+ Torg group, said: "I am in contact with Ulisses and try to get more news on this matter They just say ( as a lot of people asked ) that they check out possibilities ( harhar... ) abt. whowill [sic] write a new version of torg and they will decide this summer."

    If correct, it means no new version has yet been written, and they are in the process of deciding who will produce it. This means, at best, we're looking at a 25th Anniversary reboot in 2015. Which isn't a bad idea, in general, but sure is a long ways away.

    OTOH, if not correct, it could mean anything. Maybe they've gotten a new version written, and are announcing an open Beta Test for the latter half of the year. Who knows.

    Also, I checked out their online store, and it only had one Torg product in stock: 1.5, by our own Ks. Jim. I, personally, would love to buy a whole suite of PDF-ed Torg manuals, assuming the pagination was correct (unlike the Aysle and Cyberpapal PDF's put out by WEG). I look forward to "Torg Classic" arriving at DTRPG.
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    What looks like all of the old WEG PDF products are available online again under the Ulisses name at, but I don't see anything that looks new there.

    Update - and Ulisses' own online store now appears to have all of them as well, but that appears to be because they're just using a personalized version of drivethrurpg for it.

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    Good to know. Thanks for passing it on Jim. I may have to get some of those for nostalgia-sake.
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