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  2. Well, to be fair, it's a direct conversion from the Monster Manual using an online guide I found for converting D20 to D6.
  3. Thanks. Interesting to compare your point of view with Fantasy Creatures book.
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  5. Here are the few Mook Monsters that I've converted. I went to look at my other creatures by challenge rating and found I'd only done Bats and Toads. 🤣
  6. Yeah, there are a couple of us who still look into this place every so often. Here's hoping things work out and your inventive juices get flowing again!
  7. You're not alone ! i'm eager to read you again. opend6 will survive
  8. Glad to see I'm not alone here. Thanks for popping in! I've just found that sometimes it's easier to get more constructive feedback in a forums setting rather than over on G+ or someplace else. I've got a hectic next few weeks ahead of me, but I'll try to post a couple of the conversions that I've cooked up so far: monstrous insects and the like!
  9. still around. I'm rooting for you!
  10. Hard to believe that it's taken 4 years to come back to this forum. I lost the e-mail that was sent with the new link to the forum and it was only through a cruel and ultimately funny twist of fate that I found my way here again. I'm not sure if anyone is still here checking the boards, but I may just post some more of my musings in this topic. Progress over the last 4 years has been pretty non-existent. I've had to re-evaluate my hierarchy of priorities, and my D&D6 project has been put on the far back burner along with most of my hobbies. My daughter, wife, and work have been pushed to the forefront, and it doesn't leave me a lot of time, and little energy for creation. But, I haven't given up on my ideas yet. Instead of going through the Monster Manual alphabetically like I was originally, I shifted gears and started converting monsters by their 3.x challenge rating, which made things significantly easier. I haven't quite made it to CR1 yet, but have made rules for all kinds of monstrous vermin! I figured that most GMs would be starting their beginning characters with weaker creatures anyway, and as such this approach would be more useful for play-testing. A friend of mine who I was working on a fantasy setting with has decided to abandon the project and left the rights (and work) to me while he explores other ideas. So, with my numerous projects already, I'm adding on completing a bare-bones setting to throw players in, and will use some, if not most of the monsters I'll be converting to "populate" the world. Anyone who reads, thanks for taking the time to look in.
  11. Hi, The problem is that OD6 Vade Mecum of Magic is an unfinished book with almost no layout. Maybe the options should have been italicized later ; i guess they are there but which one ? You cannot find a clue in OD6 Fantasy (p.83+) ? Keep us up to date.
  12. In D6 Magic's "Basic Spell Creation System", in step 7, "Figure out the spell's difficulty", it talks about the spell having or not having italicized options. What are these italicized options?
  13. Grimace

    New to WEG Star Wars

    Classic Adventures is decent if you are hurting to come up with ideas for adventures. But honestly, I think after you read through the first two books you have, you'll probably have plenty of ideas for adventures. So I don't know if I would call Classic Adventures an "essential" addition. It's decent, but not essential.
  14. Chaosmeister

    New to WEG Star Wars

    Thank you, much appreciated! Seems these 3 get a lot of recommendation. 🙂 Others also recommended to check out classic adventures, a kind of REUP for 1e?
  15. Grimace

    New to WEG Star Wars

    Welcome to WEG Star Wars! Once you go WEG, you won't want any other. As for "must have" material, since you got the special 30th Anniversary set, I would say you have the essential! The main RPG and the Star Wars Sourcebook! I've used the Sourcebook for so much, as it's jam packed with Star Wars good stuff! If you're really itching to pick up some other 1st edition sourcebooks, I would look for the following 3: Rebel Alliance Sourcebook Imperial Sourcebook Tramp Freighters All three of those give you so much to go on, you can run massive amounts of adventures with those and the two books you start with in the Anniversary set.
  16. Hello all, Due to the re-release of first edition I am finally able to dig in. I missed it's big time. I really enjoy what I read so far. I had a look at open D6 a while ago and found it too detailed for my current tastes. Minisix was interesting but a bit too light without a good background. Now with first edition I feel is a good base to add stuff too. Now, it is highly unlikely I will ever get a substantial amount of extra books. Hence:What is the must have material I should get my hands on?
  17. Sounds correct to me!
  18. Yes, I substract "big defender" scale number from "small attacker" damages. If the big defender has "real" armor, I make armor roll, add scale number and do as before. This is how i undertand the Fantasy rules, am I right ?
  19. Looks like, upon my cursory look over, that you've put some good effort into this. I downloaded it to look at with a more discerning eye as things slow down. Thanks for sharing!
  20. So,...everything working well now?
  21. Forget my stupid question ! the answer was clearly written in Fantasy p71, both in left column and in the exemple (right column) !
  22. Thanks.., FYI - version 1.1 is now up at http://www.unboundbook.org/MiniSixFanatic/?page_id=190
  23. Hi, i've a question in fantasy combat. Note i'm using Grimace hybrid system (hp + wounds). how i calculate "damage resistance total" for a big giant (scale +7) attacked by human (scale 0) ? If the giant has no armor, fantasy p63, it has no right to have resistance roll. Would you add it's scale as resistance and make a roll or not ? Thanks in advance for your advices.
  24. As am update I'm about to release a 1.1 version (mainly fixing typos, adding more examples, etc.), I thought I'd outline a few more things I'm looking at adding to the Test Drive - Alternate Damage system (body/hit points option). More sample equipment. A Magic/Powers system System to manage NPCs in combat etc. Regards, Marcus (https://plus.google.com/+MarcusDBone)
  25. Hi All... I've thrown together a cut down version of the D6 Legend system, I've called Simple Six. Based heavily on the concepts of Mini Six I'd be happy to hear any feedback or comments. If there is any interest in this approach, I will look at extending the rules (especially in regards to different genres), and perhaps do a larger release with some sample settings (Kickstart it for some art maybe?)? Anyway - you can find the Simple Six: #TestDrive here - http://www.unboundbook.org/MiniSixFanatic/?page_id=190
  26. Grimace

    Grey vs Green

    Really kind of depends on how you view the Greys and Greens. Maybe Greys get more Brains. Greens get more Brawns. Give the Greys the possibility of "Mind Control" for a limited time. Give the Greens something like the mytosis, so they can, with a certain roll, split into two, giving them greater numbers. Or whatever you decide is the difference between the two. Unless you purposefully WANT some to be notably stronger, I would suggest being careful with the escalation of stats for the races. You can accomplish the same thing with scale or with caps on stats and not inflate the stats.
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