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  2. D6 character creation tool

    Hi Mavelic, Yes, it is definitely lacking some functionality still. I don't have a specific translation thing built-in, but good point, as soon as I have something I'll ping you for translations! Fritz
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  4. D6 character creation tool

    Very nice ! It needs some function (like reset points) but it is a very good start. I can translate in french all skills, adv, etc. names. Tell me what kind of file you need.
  5. game ooc

    Limbo, one player that was posting regularly had a life change.
  6. Hi All Something I’ve been working on: http://fritzvd.com/d6-rpg/ A little tool to help start out your character based on creation points. I would still need to add Advantages/Disadvantages and Special Abilities. But it’s a start. The only type of game with a full skill list is the fantasy one . This helped my new d6 fantasy group to get started. Curious to hear what you think fritz
  7. game ooc

    I haven't seen any posts for over a month. Is everyone that busy or is the game in limbo?
  8. Stormglass links

    weird. try this? I didn't even move anything this time! http://www.nerdron.com/2017/10/stormglass-links.html google drive direct download links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7_o18Qz80iaYVRrWXpNTHc5bE0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7_o18Qz80iaeVVadGYyRUFDTU0
  9. Stormglass links

    You must have moved it again, as when I follow the link, it shows "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."
  10. Machine guns

    Thank you for the feedback. Pick one target, make attack roll. Test roll against all targets within 2 meters of the primary target?
  11. Machine guns

    I would go with option B. Option A is kind of self defeating and C will make cover less important in the game.
  12. MiniSix Options

    Total dice
  13. MiniSix Options

    on page 19 in the Mini Six barebones book. There is the optional rule for automatic successes. That states the following: Halfway There To help speed up the game, if the number of skill dice in any skill is equal to half the Target Number, the GM may consider it an automatic success. So does that mean the total number of dice for a skill (including the base Attribute) or is that just the dice put into the skill above the base Attribute dice?
  14. MYTHIC D6

    One last week to go and hopefully, the big finish. on my end I have a lot of plates spinning as far as content is concerned.
  15. Diseases & poison generic rules ?

    Got it, thank you, i'll read this carefully. Another house rules ?
  16. Diseases & poison generic rules ?

    starting on page 103 of the REUP rules for Star Wars from Womp Rat Press has both rules for poisons and illness/diseases. I would just use them since someone already took the time to write them out.
  17. Hi, In fantasy and D6 books, I don't find any generic rules for diseases (and poisons). How do you play this ? Home rules ? Regards
  18. Sith Temple, act 1

    As the ship is going on for a landing, Ashlan stats to use the local net. Chip gets an alert from Stardust that someone is trying to access the ships computer from the other side of the connection. As the ship lands the pad indicator lights go out and some area lights come on lighting up the ship and area.
  19. Sith Temple, act 1

    Ashlan comments to Alaric "Alright set her down at the designated coordinates." He then begins to scour the local net for any needed or useful local laws in order to make their time there go off without any hitches. Whatever he finds out, he will share with the group.
  20. another magic system (first draft)

    Not yet, the page layout is far from being finished. Also, it's all writen in french. I'll upload it on my website when it'll be ready.
  21. MYTHIC D6

    Jerry D. Grayson of Khepera Publishing, creator of D6 POWERS, GODSEND Agenda, HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone, ATLANTIS: The Second Age, and more, has a Kickstarter for a new Open D6 game that uses an update to the D6 Legend system. This is complete game with a setting based on superheroes vs. chthonic entities, but the game is billed as being versatile enough to handle any heroic action adventure genre. It has already far exceeded its funding goal, and Jerry is going crazy with adding on to the packages. I'll highlight two: $20 (Digital only) - PDF of the MYTHIC D6 roleplaying game + All the achieved Stretch Goals in PDF + 5 Godsend Agenda PDFs + one Khepera Publishing PDF of your choice from the HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone or ATLANTIS: The Second Age line! $35 - Print copy of the MYTHIC D6 roleplaying game + everything in the $20 digital package above! I pledged $35. I have already have the entire Hellas line (it's great), but this will complete my Godsend Agenda collection plus get me the core book for the Atlantis game which I totally missed out on except a Free RPG Day giveaway. 20 days remaining!
  22. Machine guns

    Trying to do a simple rule for mini 6 for machine guns. Ideas I have thought of theses are not combined I am looking for one. A) reduce MAP for multiple shots. B) one attack role and compare to each person in an area. C) reduce cover penalties (excluding full cover). Any comments or thoughts would help. Even other ideas for a simple useful effect. A friend and I are working on a quasi military setting post WW3. See twilight 2000, "Dusk Years". Most things people are already stated but there is no machine gun rules.
  23. Stormglass links

    Is cool.
  24. Stormglass links

    Yeah that is a good description. I already have it downloaded.
  25. Stormglass links

    I keep rearranging my Google Drive and wrecking the links to Stormglass, here are the current links. http://www.nerdron.com/2017/10/stormglass-links.htm If you are wondering what Stormglass is, take Stargate and cowboys, put in a tumbler, add a dash of steampunk, shake well, and pour over ice.
  26. another magic system (first draft)

    Is it ready to be seen?
  27. Stargate

    There is a Mini Six game that is very similar called Stormglass. And I have found a number of D6 crossovers for Stargate itself.
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