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  3. I created a new Forum for Torg Eternity which hopefully by year's end will be a publication we can finally purchase. Ulisses Spiele has been updating their website for the past few month of the various sections of their soon re-release of the game. I included the link to their website for each section and a forum to discuss what you think of their vision of the game and how it relates or differs from the game of the past. Hope you enjoy. What other forums do you want to see here? Let me know Thanks Magman
  4. I re-opened some more of the old forums content. There are still a couple left, like the Play By Post forums, which were more or less just Legacy forums since nobody was playing them for a while. I will make the visible in the near future. Thanks Magman
  5. I understand the challenge. I had do deal with some hacks on a website at work. It's no fun, and it's a terribly frustrating ordeal. I'm glad to see that you had the committment to user security.
  6. Last week
  7. Been a while since I've been on here! Lots of old faces. Good to see everyone again. Switching to D6 as a core now for a bit (the wondering mind of the rpg GM), so I'll be on here a bit more. / Lubidius / a.k.a Peter Robbins on G+ and beyond..
  8. Thanks for bringing the site back. I know from personal experience how demoralising it can be when a forum is hit by spam, hackers etc and it's a lot of effort to fix things. My old password was rejected, but that was an easy fix. All looks good so far.
  9. Good to see this back up and running! Thanks Magman!
  10. All the old content is here, save for the images. Going to see if I can pull them off the old boards and store them here in the gallery. Another project added on the ToDo list. I will be slowly making the old content visible, but would like to get feedback and what "NEW" forums you guys want.
  11. The most important thing is that the information is ported over. Thank you for doing this. -Havard
  12. Thank you for bringing this place back! I know how much work it can be running a site like this, especially when hackers, Malware and spammers begin piling up. I have missed this place though so I am really happy this site was not gone forever. I hope not too much of the old contents have been lost. -Havard
  13. Awesome work and thank you so much for coming back online! These forums have been a wonderful place to call home over the years.
  14. LOL yes there was, but it wasn't mandatory or forced. It was a way for me to weed out Bots. But let me know what you want your username to be, I will change it. Thanks Magman
  15. I totally forgot about this forum, thanks for the reminder. I don't know if you remember but I published a Mini Six superhero supplement called Mighty Six. I'm in the process of playtesting an updated version called "Sixcelsior!" (an admittedly working title). Wondering if I can bounce ideas off you guys or, wondering if anyone is interested in playtesting Cheers Thresh
  16. Congrats on starting getting it back up and going! Is there a way I can change my username to something shorter? I swear when I made my account, there was a "put d6 before your name" requirement, but nobody else seemed to know what I was talking about.
  17. Apologies for taking so long. Had lots going on and the forum being constantly hacked didn't help. Expecting good things here, a new beginning! As I mentioned, I want you all to voice what you would like to see, changed, or whatever on the boards. If I can make it happen, I will Magman
  18. Welcome back!
  19. Woot! Great job, Magman.
  20. Yes, moving from one software to the new one, I have to see, which I do not think, that they both have the same type of formatting rules within the Database. I still need to go through all the Admin Configures to see what can be turned on. But, at this point, the imported data is more or less, legacy information and might have to suffer with formatting issues. But I will see what I can do... Still a learning curve here for me. Just keep pointing out the discrepancies and I will see what can be done to resolve Thanks Magman!
  21. Like that. Cool it auto embedded but gave me the option to just show link.
  22. Formatting off, meaning with "Links" and "Quotes" ?
  23. I see some of the old posts coming in. The formatting is off.
  24. Sure thing, no problem. Hopefully you can see the Chatter Box that is back online?
  25. Sorry, as forum topic.
  26. You mean theme for the boards, as in formatting, colors.. etc. Or Setting, as in relation to Forum Topics? Magman!
  27. One thing I want to do is work on a setting, with the input of other gamers.
  28. Again, been working with the site's customer support group and they are taking the old board content to hopefully import here. It would have been more challenging to link any of the images we have in the threads, which I recall really wasn't many. I opted to tell them just skip over the images. This will have an effect of having an empty space where the image used to live. If need be, as we uncover post with missing images, I can pull up the old archive files and re-insert them. But I felt the actual content of the posts were more important to get up and running now. For those wanting to see changes to the old board, here is your opportunity. Chime in and let me know what you want or do not want here. Might as well give the boards an overhaul while in the setup phase. The great thing about IPB forums running from their cloud is it comes with a host of built-in services: Pages, Blogs, Store, Downloads and images. Will measure them all up for their features and will try and implement them best for our purposes. Thanks all for sticking around. I know the boards have been quiet/dead for a long time as D6 continues to linger sluggishly about. Perhaps when Torg: Eternity finally gets released, new conversations will be brought here. Anyhow, glad to be almost back up and running! Magman!
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