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    Sigh. Was hoping to post this morning, life happened. Forgot how much of a pain it is to do a long post with a smart phone. Computer is dead. No eta on new one.
  3. Sith Temple, act 1

    As the ship glides forward. "You may approach and dock." Incoming data signal starts. As you move forward the sensor screen keeps updating. The system has one sun, one asteroid belt between sun and only planet, one asteroid belt outside the planetary orbit. There are energy sources that as you get closer resemble 4 legged spiders that are jumping around the asteroid belt they move to an asteroid and position themselves then an iondrive lights up moving the asteroid on a different trajectory to avoid the lane to the base. As you approach the base you can tell it has shield generators and what looks like ion cannon and turbo laser batteries.
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  5. Sith Temple, act 1

    Alaric eases the ship within range and holds waiting to either make a hasty retreat or to continue onward.
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  7. Sith Temple, act 1

    Chip whistles as he surveys the results of the diagnostic. Spotting the beacon on the large asteroid he does a focused sensor sweep on the asteroid, once Alaric gets them in range.
  8. Sith Temple, act 1

    With a slight surprise at the message from the speaker, Ashlan responds. "Greetings, This is the private vessel Stardust. We are requesting permission to dock to replenish fuel and consumables for an extended trip further out into the outer rim. We request docking and port services for several days. Please provide course and heading for dock if permission granted." Then he closes the mic feed to the channel. Looking towards Alaric. "Well, I was not expecting that so soon, I figured it would have come after the asteroid field."
  9. game ooc

    Been a rough week in real life. My apologies. I have a post up now
  10. Sith Temple, act 1

    "R6, do me a favor and run a diagnostic on the Stardust. We want to make sure everything is fine with her." Chip whistled an affirmative noise as his body rotated backward so his third leg could extend, his two main legs staying completely vertical the entire time. Now on a tripod, his wheels extended and Chip drove over to his normal spot on the bridge. Arriving there he retracted the wheels then brought the third leg back into his 'torso' so he could stand up to his full height of three feet. A few waddling steps and he was close enough to extend his scomp link and connect to the Stardust. The mechanism whirled about in a circular fashion as he ran the diagnostic. Once the diagnostic was finished, Chip ran an active sensor scan to get a better view of the system. -------------- OOC: Two actions. First the diagnostic then the sensor roll.
  11. Sith Temple, act 1

    As Stardust enters the edge of the asteroid belt, it becomes clear the the path is maintained once thou get past the outer edge. However sensors are impeded by the composition of the rocky bodies. The flying is moderate any reasonably skilled pilot can get through. As Stardust follows the path it becomes apparent the path leads to a large asteroid with a beacon on it. "This is asteroid 1, declare your reason for visit."
  12. game ooc

    Sigh. Sorry was waiting.
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  14. Sith Temple, act 1

    "The problem with flying through asteroid fields is even our presence disrupts the harmony of them. But this one has navigational beacons." Alaric says with a smile. "We should be able to get through it well enough."
  15. Sith Temple, act 1

    Turning and looking at the astromech, Ashlan states. "R6, do me a favor and run a diagnostic on the Stardust. We want to make sure everything is fine with her." Pausing a moment to see if the droid was going to respond, he turns back to look out the viewport. Addressing the pilot. "Alaric, can you get us through that asteroid field, or do we need to go the long way around? It seems not too dense, but I defer to your expertise." Ashlan turns back to his monitor and double checks the coordinates to make sure they are at their intended system. The proceeds to see if the navigation beacons have any information on the system. Taking his time and using a methodical approach, Ashlan discretely begins to probe for information by jacking his computer in to the communications array in order to establish a connection and see if there are any exploits he can take advantage of.
  16. game ooc

    Sounds good to me really
  17. game ooc

    Krack he could also be part of the crew, and he convinced the others to go looking for the "treasure" for shares. Selling the AT-PTs to someone in the rebellion would work for him. Or it could literally be, that he hired the group.
  18. game ooc

    I don't mind being considered property for the moment. When you're on the run from the Empire, being a used astromech owned by an info chant sounds like a good cover. I don't know what your character skills are, but I have a feeling your guys are expecting J3 to handle the repair roles as well as the astrogation. I actually see J3 as taking care of a lot of little inconveniences and problems in a quiet fashion to keep things running smoothly with a very low profile. It is amazing what you can accomplish when people don't pay attention to you. If I am reading this right, then Krack is the NPC that hired us to bring him to this system in search of lost AT-PTs, the guy who spends all his time in his crate. Is that right Savar? So Ashlan owns the ship, and he hired Alaric as his pilot? Is everyone cool with that? Is it alright if Ashland acquired J3 awhile before he hired Alaric? Maybe Alaric is a relatively recent hire who has been with us for a few months or so? Going off your character profiles J3 would be very suspicious of Alaric's skill as a pilot, likely thinking that Alaric 'lied on his resume' as it were. On the other hand, as two individuals from well-off families who chose to gallivant across the galaxy, I imagine Alaric and Ashlan get along rather famously. Is Ashlan the kind of farghul to prefer someone who he gets along with well over a more skilled pilot? As long as he can do the job of a pilot that is. Just a few ideas. Let me know what you think. If you like them I can have a post up shortly.
  19. game ooc

    Greetings all! I look forward to enjoying some escape time with you all. As for background connective tissue between all of us. A good information broker is always on the look out for talent to help him in his endeavors. An astromech for navigation A pilot A mechanic There is a start. The astromech, can be a fairly easy addition, he was acquired either via barter or in lieu of payment for services rendered. Assuming that Kytross has no problem with his character being viewed as property. The pilot can be a hired hand, someone who was helped out of a troubling spot, or something different. The mechanic, being that he is a Verpine, could be a tinkerer with a love and fascination of technology and naturally earned his place on the team as the mechanic/tinkerer. Just some ideas to toss around, perhaps open up a discussion or dialogue with everyone to help nail down a few specifics.
  20. Characters

    Krack Olive green verpine that has white spots that look like old wounds. Krack has a harness that carries a few tools and a firearm of some type. The firearm and tools show great use with care taken for them. He is looking around most of the time.
  21. Sith Temple, act 1

    As the Stardust drops out of hyperspace. The scanners start reporting in. The system seems to be the one Krack gave you the info on. There is a planet in approximately the right spot within deviation for time passage. There is one asteroid belt that you will have to pass to get to the planet. There is a few beacons in the asteroid belt, they seem to be for navigation.
  22. game ooc

    Good call on this being the appropriate forum for discussion. I am content with being a hired mechanic Droid if someone else wants to be the ship owner/captain.
  23. game ooc

    Talking over how the crew formed would be good in occ I am hoping to post tonight. Life should start claiming down soon.
  24. Characters

    Stardust Craft: Mindabaal 6 Series Yacht Type: Space yacht Scale: Starfighter Length: 61.5M x 43M x 18.5M Skill: Space Transports Crew: 1 (1 can coordinate) Passengers: 10 Cargo Capacity: 75 MT Consumables: 3 months Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1/X5 Nav Computer: Yes Maneuverability: 2D Space: 6 Atmosphere: 330; 950 kmh Hull: 4D Shields: 2D Sensors: Passive: 20/1D Scan: 40/2D Search: 60/3D Focus: 3/4D Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons (fire- linked) Fire Arc: Front Skill: Starship gunnery Fire Control: 1D Space Range: 1-3/12/25 Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km Damage: 5D 2 Laser Cannons (fire- linked) Fire Arc: Turret Skill: Starship gunnery Fire Control: 1D Space Range: 1-3/12/25 Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km Damage: 5D
  25. Characters

    Alaric Festil is a human male in his prime of his life. He dresses in the finest of clothes befitting his station on his home world as a high lord and because of that he does carry a vibroblade sword. He doesn’t flaunt authority but his piercing grey eyes tend to grant it. His hair is dark and kept long and braided at the back of his neck in a 4 strand braid. It is of religious significance on his home world. Alaric isn't a great pilot, but he does make a living in the galaxy as transport pilot or co-pilot.
  26. game ooc

    Heh, I was having troubles also...... I had forgot to tell one player they could post hope they can post soon. The plan is everyone is on the same ship. I am going to have one NPC that had hired passage to get to the system. He is looking for an old shipment of AT-PTs, that he thinks went to this system. He has a large crate with door that he spends most of his time in.
  27. Characters

    Chip aka R6-J3 Chip is a Shard, a sentient silicone crystal from the planet Orax. ‘Born’ sometime around 75BBY, Chip lived his formative years in a Shard collective halfway across the planet from the human colonies. Shards live long, slow lives and he never really gave the rest of the galaxy much thought until Jedi Master Aqinos formed the Iron Knights and offered Chip a place on the team. Chip declined. He had never considered the rest of the galaxy, and never known violence. Why would he want to protect something he did not understand. That stuck with him. Not understanding something. After contemplating what the galaxy was and what other life, organic life, could be like, he contacted the humans on Orax and traded for a Droid body. Chip was the first in his collective to do so. Since Shards speak only electromagnetically, this was when Chip took his name. From the beginning, Chip chose an astromech. He did not understand organic life, nor the desire to be humanoid. Chip wanted to explore the stars, and technology. An astromech seemed ideally suited for that. The people on Orax were very helpful. They understood that shards were alive and treated them as equals. Even one in an astromech. Chip spent a year studying at the equivalent of a high school, taking tech classes especially. People were always in a hurry. What an odd concept. In his collective, simple decisions could take years to make. Humans had to make a thousand decisions a day. What to eat, what to wear, what to do. What a bother. Chip considered returning to the collective many times, but stuck it out. There was something to the urgency of the human experience. It put him off but attracted him as well. After his time in school, Chip signed on with a free trader ship as a mechanic. It was during these short years that he truly came to understand the urgency of life, the threat of death and of violence. Coming from the outer rim, pirates were a significant part of a free trader’s life. Chip had never experienced violence before. It was the possibility of death that made Chip understand urgency. And death wasn't the worst of it. Slavery would be worse. Or being stranded in the vacuum of space, alone for eternity. The concept of self-defense was new and invigorating. Chip learned to fire a starship’s guns via his s-comp. After that he learned to pilot and astrogate. Chip left the free trader life richer than most. But then, his expenses were much lower, only needing electricity, not food, and the occasional oil bath. After a few years he retired to the university at Woostri. There he studied computer science, Droid programming, history and politics. Politics was something Shards knew well. Their lives in the collective consisted of conversations. They could not move, but they could talk. What else was there to do? Chip was a minor celebrity around campus. The astromech that attended classes and was seen everyday in the library, plugged into an s-comp socket. Before the clone wars, the arguments put forth by the Separatists flowed across the holonet. Chip found himself spending more and more time on the holonet, making arguments in favor of the separatists. On the holonet he wasn't a rock living in a Droid, he was just another voice, expressing his opinion. When the Clone Wars started Chip joined the confederacy. He believed that individual star systems had the right to secede from the Republic. When the Republic attacked the Separatists on the independent world of Geonosys, that was too much for Chip. The Republic had started a war, and Chip would not stand by and let that happen. He served in espionage. His specialty was infiltration and pulling information dumps. However, he also did demolition work and other parts of espionage. Being able to steal a starship to make his own getaways was a big advantage. No one ever suspected a Droid, especially not an astromech. Almost immediately after the war, the Empire declared Droids to be illegal on Orax. They denied Shards recognition as sentient and destroyed most of the collectives on Orax. Chip fought back. But he was the only one. It would be more than fifteen years before Mon Mothma would be outed as a rebel collaborator and escape from Corpus can't with the Stormtroopers on her heels. In the meantime, Chip was an astromech fighting the Empire anyway he could. He stole Imperial ships, or more often private ships of prominent imperial, and sold them in Hutt space. He gathered what Intel he could, but there was little he could do to act on it. Eventually he was found out and a bounty was placed on him as a rogue Droid. Chip got a bad paint job, and started hiding in the outer rim and Hutt worlds. He adopted the name R6-J3 and pretends to be a regular Droid. Note to players: Unless you have the sense life skill or telepathy you would have no reason to believe R6-J3 is anything more than an astromech Droid who somehow managed to become manumitted.
  28. game ooc

    I apologize for being out of touch. I have been dealing with a family emergency. I should be able to post now.
  29. I was about to order directly from FFG to give them the most profit from my purchase, but the outrageous shipping fee reminded me that I should be supporting my FLGS, so I put my order with them. I'm so excited that FFG is doing this. It was 30 years ago this month that I showed up for my high school job and found these two books.
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