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  2. Fantasy Flight Games have announced a 30th anniversary printing of the original WEG Star Wars in a two volume slipcase set.
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  4. Cyberhands

    A friend was building a character recently, and was looking at Cyberhands (Tharkold list). The hands, like all cyberlimbs offer a Strength bonus. It occurs to me, wouldn't cyberhands make more sense to be Dexterity bonus? Or is it required that a STR+3 arm have a STR+3 hand in order to have a STR+3 grip?
  5. Chat room

    Used to hang out there years ago.
  6. Chat room

    Here is a chat room that can be used for those interested: http://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.otherworlders.org/d6
  7. Testing

    New digs look good! --Ron--
  8. Aka and Coar

    The three alignments of the Space Gods were confusing and contradictory. Example: According to the Clerics SB greed is an aspect of Coar, as it is of the Nameless One and a passion. But according to the Space Gods Realmbook it is a selfish trait and an aspect of Aka - as evidenced by the fact that servants of the Kanawa Corporation, compelled by the Law of Profit, are Aka. I am seeking to revise Aka and Coar (Zinatt as the middle ground seems all right as is) for my Star Sphere Cosmbook. I want to define Aka is self over all, with it's exemplars being masters of mental pursuits, while baser Aka are driven merely by selfishness. Coar in its lowest form is about destruction; but it is also about the group. Exemplars guide the group to use each member to the fullest and best achieve the goals of the group. Pure Communism is a form of Coar. Thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
  9. Sorry, wasn't clear: I'm just making sure I'm doing the math right and that I'm correctly understanding how those three aspects interact to come up with the correct Modifier total. Given what I did, is 52 the correct Modifier cost? When I'm actually trying to create a spell I'll probably do something different (and simpler). Thanks!
  10. I think you're right, your spell is very powerful with that change target. Why don't you go for a large area spell ?
  11. Hi folks! New to the forums and new-ish to the D6 system. (I played WEG's Star Wars a long time ago.) I'm starting a fantasy campaign up and decided to use d6 Fantasy for the ruleset. It looks like it's in my Goldilocks zone between crunchy and hand-wavey. I expect this will be the first in a multitude of questions. Probably best if I just give an example: If I'm creating a spell with Area Affect (2D Circle, 2 meter Radius), Change Target of 2 Targets, and Multi-Targets of 3 targets, would the cost be: Area Affect = 4 (1 per 0.5 meters) Change Target = 30 (5 per target * 2 changes * 3 multi-targets) Multi-Target = 18 (6 per Target because of Area Effect) For a total modifier of 52? (Not that I have any idea why I'd make such a spell offhand, just making sure I've got the numbers crunching correctly.) If not, where did I screw up? Aside: Is there a spreadsheet/web-page out there that's a comprehensive spell builder? I'm making one right now but I figure I could save myself some time if I just nabbed one from elsewhere. Thanks for your help!
  12. Fantasy in D6 - explain it to me

    Sorry for raising this thread from the abyss, but those links seems to be dead, even after some research. Can someone give me good links ? TIA.
  13. Recruitment

  14. Stewart Wieck has died

    So sorry to hear this. Best to his family and friends.
  15. Help me convert Indiana Jones!

    It is basically every point equal a pip. So a Dexterity of 9 is 9 pips, or 3D. Vehicle Piloting of 11 is 2 points higher than the base attribute (DEX), so that's equivalent of 2 pips (not 2 dice!). When you add the skill of Vehicle Piloting +2 to the base attribute of 3D, you end up with 3D+2 (the equivalent of 11 pips). In your example, if your attribute was 3D+2, and the Vehicle Piloting was +2, you would add 2 pips (one to get to 4D, the second one to go to 4D+1). So you have it correct in that you divide by three and use the remainder as pips. But you have to take the difference between the SKILL and the ATTRIBUTE when figuring these. So an attribute of 8 is 2D+2. But a skill under that attribute of 9 is only 1 pip above the attribute. So you would add +1 to the attribute of 2D+2, resulting in a total of 3D when rolling that skill.
  16. Fallout

    Charming game, Fallout Shelter. I'm surprised I haven't seen Fallout for d6 yet.
  17. What have you been watching lately?

    Since last post the two most remarkable shows that have crossed my radar would be Stranger Things and Legion (FX) Those two shows have kind of ruined other shows for me!
  18. On page 91 of the Indiana Jones Adventures book by West End Games there are conversion notes to convert characters from the old MasterBook stuff from The World of Indiana Jones RPG into the D6 version in this book. For skills conversions it states: “To convert skills, apply the formula given above to the skill’s skill adds and then add that to the base converted attribute.” Then it gives an example by stating: “For example, a character with a Dexterity of 9 and a Vehicle Piloting of 11 [2adds] in MasterBook would have a d6 Coordination of 3D and a Vehicle Piloting of +2 [which is added to the base Mechanical score, since the skill falls beneath that attribute.What is confusing to me is do you add this value to the DICE or as pips to the base attribute? For instance, if my base attribute is 3D+2 and the conversion adds +2 to this would it be 5D+2 or 4D+2? I am additionally a tad confused how you apply the “formula given above” that it speaks about in my first paragraph here to skills. The formula it is talking about is to divide the value by 3 and keep the remainder as pips, so if the value is 13 it would come to 4D+1. Can any of you D6 and/or MasterBook WEG experts assist me with this, please? I am trying to convert Indy’s stats over to D6.
  19. another magic system (first draft)

    Sounds like there are a lot of ideas flowing.... good to hear!
  20. Hrockt Weapons Upgrade

    Edit: On further consideration, perhaps only ignore 5 adds of armor. I considered the consequences of Simple Spear plus Heightened Strength. Also, the weapon might need to qualify as Blessed, granting benefits versus certain supernatural creatures.
  21. another magic system (first draft)

    Mine is pretty much the same way. Here is a copy of it. Magic.pdf
  22. another magic system (first draft)

    As I said in point 7), i tested with my 2 kids, i let them think about "effects" (they dont know anything premade spells as in AD&D or the like) and we calculated in short games situations, it was ok, fast and totally open to imagination (contrary to pre-made spells).
  23. another magic system (first draft)

    Sadly not. Only in the lab as it were.
  24. another magic system (first draft)

    Hi, have you already tested in game your system ?
  25. Stewart Wieck has died

    Yes it is very sad news
  26. another magic system (first draft)

    Looks a lot like something I was working on using similar sources for inspiration as well.
  27. Stewart Wieck has died

    I saw this sad news mentioned on Twitter and found more information at Tenkar's Tavern: Stewart Wieck of Nocturnal Media dies aged 49
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